Friday, December 18, 2015

{ 5 Ways To Pot Your Christmas Tree This Year }

Heyyyy guys!! Geesh it seems like I've been gone for weeks, but it hasn't even been a week! In the blogging business/world that's like a year ahaha. We've been pretty busy around here & have just been trying to enjoy the holidays..I'm already feeling the "blues" coming on..You all know how I hate the "after the holiday feel "..Today was such a low key day, but some exciting news broke today & I cried..I'll be blogging all about the great news soon & why my mom is a hero!! Back to today's post though..I'm sharing 5 different ways you can pot your Christmas tree this year without looking at those  generic plastic green tree stands { no offense if you have one }!! I gathered 5 rustic/cottage/neutral ideas for real or faux trees!! I know there is only a few days before Christmas, but honestly I know a lot of people who don't pick up a tree until a few days before..Definitely NOT me hahah but that's me being Christmas crazy. Sit back with everything cozy Christmas & gather some inspiration for this Christmas or even next { Direct Link provided for each item} !! :) 

1.  Wood Tub

I love this idea for starters! It's super cute & rustic, and you can find these just about anywhere! I like the wood with the mixed in metal band for some added industrial style. You could easily use a plastic tree stand for real trees & for faux trees just use the regular stand & set it in the tub! This wood tub can be purchased at

2. Galvanized Metal Bucket

You guys all know how I love my buckets!! This year I used several vintage galvanized buckets for our trees inside & out!! I would again place a plastic green tree stand inside the bucket if you're planning on a real tree & if you're planning on a faux one then the stand it comes with & just place it inside the bucket. Make sure to measure first!! This galvanized bucket can be purchased at  

3. Crocks 

These crocks are my favorite!! I've got almost 15 I've collected for free & I'm kind of hoarding them haha! I know they can be hard to find if you're not into the thrifting/junking, but today I'm sharing where you can get one from! They make excellent tree stands & they give that classic cottagey feel! I used some in our outside decor & they look sooo cute! You can find this crock at  

4. Burlap Sacks

I'm not crazy...I promise haha. Yes, the burlap sack is actually super cute as a tree stand decoration! This decor idea is more for faux trees. Use the stand the tree comes with & just place  it in the bag & tie the top!! I'm seriously obsessed with this & thinking I might do this next year..I love the rustic appeal & it's super easy & affordable! If the bag is to loose just use a blanket stuff the bag inside! These burlap sacks/bags can be found at 

5. Crates

This one has been pretty popular in the last few years, but I'm still in love with it! I love the look, simplicity & you can find crates just about anywhere. You could leave it natural, paint it, distress it and the crates can be used for real or faux Christmas trees.  This one can be found at  

I hope you liked these simple & different ideas for your tree stand!! I mean those plastic green ones have to go, right?! ;) We'll be busy this weekend preparing for Christmas Eve dinner , taking a few things to the shop etc..I hope you all have a happy & healthy weekend filled with Christmas cheer with loved ones! 

P.S. Which one of these do you like the best? What kind of stands do you use? You guys know I love to hear from you!!! Leave me a comment down below & don't forget to follow via all my social media for instant updates on basically everything !

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