Thursday, January 2, 2014

{ DIY}

Hey, everyone. It's a gloomy Monday here in Michigan. More Ball mason tips & tricks. This is another set of Ball Mason jars I sprayed & distressed. I painted two,one was this size & one was a larger "Mom" mason. I simply sprayed them with white { Gloss finish}. Next time I will use a Flat finish for a more rustic appearance. After the inside & outside were dry, I took a nail file to them & distressed them a bit. I also wanted to mention I did use a non -acid silver tip pen{Michael's} to lightly go over the words & raised parts of the mason. This makes the rustic effect more visible & less effort. Just a small tip/trick. Hope this helps anyone going Ball Mason Crazy :).
{I placed these on our fireplace in the upstairs living-room . I also placed tall cinnamon stick sticking out of each of them}

Time for a change up in the kitchen! The buffet cart that was posted on a past post just received a face lift. If you remember it was an old buffet cart my neighbor pitched. It had an ugly dark chipped veneer finish & needed a much needed cleaning & paint job. I ended up painting it bright white & adding  black & white peel & stick paisley print paper. It matched perfect with our paisley parson chairs &  decor. Well..that was over year ago & the kitchen is nothing like that anymore. From recent post you pry can tell the kitchen is more of a rustic luxe with more creams,/ sages. I ended up peeling the paper off & hand painting{ last time Spray Painted} it a solid cream. The project was a success & only took about 2 hours in all. This project was a free face lift as I already had the cream paint. 



{Kitchen DIY}

This is from {Summer 2012}..
This cart was pitched in the trash by our neighbor. I  picked it out, and knocked the doors off as you can tell in the top picture. I cleaned it , and scrubbed layers of grease off the pealing veneer & 1960's finish. After cleaning and knocking the doors off and the middle shelf I was ready to PAINT!!! I picked up three cans of white gloss finish and sprayed until each crevice was covered. I then purchased some tack paper from the dollar store that just happened to match the theme of my kitchen which at the time was white/ paisley . Pealed and cut paper to stick to the cart & well its all history from there. Needless to say I love the cart & its purpose for the trash can and extra cute space. Its nice to have a movable cart which is also equipped with a pull- out cutting board all for under $10! Enjoy Loves!
Note: Excuse picture quality , this is from my Oh, so OLD camera! 

 These were plain mason jars my husband got from work as well.  As I know everyone is into mason jars right now..I simply cleaned & sprayed them with gloss blue. ( Don't use gloss on the distressed mason jars) Use flat paint!! Works better with the rustic charm look! I then took a nail file  & distressed the areas that would have normal wear & tear. I took some brown ribbon I had laying around & added it to the tops.  Stuck some Fake flowers..Yes, fake flowers.. my husband LAUGHS hysterically @ this..but hey I had them laying around in my scrap/crafts room. :) These went in the new kitchen decor. I will post before & after of the kitchen face lift!!