Monday, February 15, 2016

{ DIY Home Remedy for DRY Skin.. }

Hey everyone!! I hope Monday wasn't too bad to you! It's super frigid here in the north again & it's not only wreaking havoc on everyone mentally it seems, but also physically! Although we haven't had much snow it's been a really cold winter!! I want to start my saying I'm in noway an expert on facial cleansing/conditioning , but would like to share what works for me with you all. I'm one of those people who has severely dry skin to the point of peeling. I mean, I can remember even as a kid having dry skin..You can buy all the expensive serums, oils, spa treatments, but the only thing that has worked for me is what I call " Lotion Buffing"..I've been doing this since I was probably 13 year's old & love it! It's the simplest thing to do & cost next to nothing!!! Come see all about this little hidden gem & maybe it could work for you :)!!!!


  • Lotion of any type. I should mention that I usually only use coco butter lotion. It's natural, smells amazing & also tones the skin! I rotate between the oil, lotion & coco bar stick!
  • Fresh Washcloth

How To: 

Start with a freshly washed faced! Then take a quarter size amount of lotion and run it on your face as usual. Then take some lotion on a clean washcloth & gently "buff" the rest of the impurities & dry skin away. I should say that if you have oily skin that this may not work in your favor. I turned my sister into a lover of this process within a week!!! She suffers from extremely dry skin around her nose & she's seen a 70% difference even after trying other items on the market from various beauty stores. All these coco butter products can be purchased at just about any department or drug store for under $7.

I really hope this little tip/ trick helps all of you suffering from that dry winter skin. I mean, if we're being completely honest here I should have acne from some other medical issues, but I don't. I'm not saying I never get blemishes, pimples, blackheads etc.. But other than dry/ redness my skin is like porcelain. I always say sometimes less is more. I wash my face with regular face/body soap in the shower, rinse with cool water & lotion buff. I'm also one of those people who sleep with makeup on sometimes { eeek }& in the morning ,or if I for some reason am running late I'll lotion buff for a quick refresh! It's never clogged my pores, but this is my skin... I hope it can help you in someway or another. Thanks so much for reading!!