Sunday, May 27, 2018

{ Happy Memorial Day from our Cottage Porch! }

Hey pals- Happy MEMORIAL D A Y! I had something totally different planned for today's post, but I couldn't let any patriotic holiday slide bye, especially Memorial Day. I didn't have anything lined up in means of a "decor" type post but then I was outside & decided to spruce our porch up for Memorial Day weekend! To be honest it's been one of the most relaxing weekends...We usually go big for the patriotic occasions but decided to lay low this year at home doing projects & eating veggie kabobs. First, we're SO thankful & extend our gratitude for those who gave their life so we can have freedom & be able to enjoy weekends like these. Second, we also extend our heartsđź’“ to those suffering or grieving a loss of a loved one are recognized!! Come see the rest of this quick little patriotic porch below..

Little fun fact about me...I love anything patriotic.I have the most respect for our men & women in uniform. I mentioned via Instagram it was a day of pom pom pajamas, lollipops & messy buns...Pretty much sums up my day!

I love that I could incorporate this huge wood angel into our Memorial porch this year. It holds special meaning to me & fits so well with the day.. 
**The "post" basket is from HomeGoods, flowers are from Hobby Lobby & flags from Walmart. 
P.s. the vintage wood angel was an antique find.

Like I said above I wasn't going to do anything with our porch this year, but while out grocery shopping for our mini Memorial Day dinner I spotted these outdoor pillows for $5 each..Umm, YES please!!

I think for 15 minutes & $15 in new things it turned out pretty cute. Oh & I spyyyyyy FERNS!! HAHAH I swear it's the attack or should I say revenge of the Ferns!! My sister & I pulled them all out last summer & voila they're backkkkkkk HA! I mean they do look cute & they're a nice filler....I guess!

Happy Monday!
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