Sunday, July 16, 2017

{ Top 5 Decor Mistakes New Homeowners Make..}

Hey everyone welcome back to another week with TQS! I hope you all had an amazing summer weekend..I didn't do much but I'll be sharing very soon why etc..So I was searching through old pictures on my phone trying to clean out stuff & came across some from our first home...I thought I would share some of my biggest mistakes decor wise as a first time homeowner for those of you just purchasing a home, condo,apartment etc..I gathered 5 simple decor mistakes to try & avoid while decorating your first place! I'm no professional, but these 5 tips could save you from having to redecorate, waste money & or time! I wish I would have known these before decorating our first place..Keep reading below for details!

1. Spread Pillows Out on the Sofa!

This is one of those decorating tips I learned after moving from our first home! I see it a lot in new homeowners wanting to group the pillows in both corners of the sofa or sectional. They're stacked so closely you can't enjoy their uniqueness & they just look bulky instead of cozy! 

2. Don't Use Small Scale Items..

Ahh I was the queen of doing this in our first home { condo }! Our master bedroom is the first that comes to mind actually! Placing items that are to small for the scale of the space can make the area look cluttered with trinkets instead of a cozy well established space! The bigger the decor items the more of an impact! Smaller items can get lost in the space & appear not styled! 

3. Don't Overdo Family / Wedding Gallery Walls!

Okay, so I have to admit this was one of my biggest obstacles decorating!!! We were freshly married, young & embarking on our first place as a couple & well I went a bit crazy sharing our "love story" in pictures, wedding mementos & family pictures haha! Although I'm not into gallery walls I know they are super trendy right now. With that being said don't go overboard with wedding pictures, wedding treasures, etc.. I even had a shadow box displayed with our wedding goods out..Yeah...way too much "couple overload " ha! People will get you're in love, but overdoing can look like a love-fest instead of a nicely decorated home with some simple pictures displaying your love & who you are as a couple. 

4. Don't Match Everything..

This is another thing I see with new homeowners that are just starting to decorate..making everything match !! I was also guilty of this in so many ways!! I can remember a picture of our condo dining room & thinking it was a black & white photo because everything was black, white & grey!!! I would only purchase thing that were in that color scheme because they matched the other decor! Not even thinking do I like these items, but just because they matched it was okay...Remember if you like  neutral & not a lot of color that's fine, but throw some greenery in or pick a color. Not everything has to match..Pick items you LOVE for your style,not because they go with other items!! 

5. Don't Showcase Everything!

This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves when I see someone else decorating or showing their home etc.. They show EVERYTHING!! Nobody wants to see your expensive vacuum, piled shoes, hair products or every appliance you own on your kitchen counter! Pick one or none & keep it simple,clean & styled not showcased! A more styled rather piled of showcased items looks for attractive!

I hope these tips helped you if you're a first time homeowner struggling with decorating or you just needed some quick tips!

Happy Monday!

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