Monday, December 22, 2014

{ DIY Barn-wood cabinet converted into a mini kitchenette }

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, we sure did!! We spent the weekend cuddling,moving thrift furniture & buying  new pieces of furniture!! Post later about our new living room ,but tonight I'm sharing with you a post about our bottom level dining /  kitchen space & how we converted a cabinet to a mini kitchenette!  I wanted to share this ,because I know many of us are gearing up to hold Christmas or Christmas Eve with our loved ones & not all of us have the ample room. Our house is by no means 'large' ,but we do have two 'dining' spaces, so what better way to utilize the space!?! 

Side Note: The cabinet was a garbage find!!

I just added a cookie jar filled with candy, some red plastic cups in the plaid basket ,napkins , etc.. kitchen goodies.. We use our lower level quite a bit when family is over so this little dining space comes in handy!!

I mentioned in a prior post about these vintage plaid dishes, well they have a new home for now haha..
My lovely & crafty husband couldn't leave the wires showing, so he used a { hole saw } & connected the wires through the back for the fridge & the microwave ,and any other electrical appliances we may use !

Hope you all enjoyed this DIY project & have a very 



Persia Lou