Tuesday, October 4, 2016

{ 3 Ways to Add Exterior Fall Charm with $1 Flowers!! }

Oh Monday you were nice to me, but super busy!!! I swear this time of year not only gets more cozy with everything fall, but it seems like everything gets a bit crazier..usually in a good way around this time of the year. Today was an accomplishing Monday that's for sure!! I can't wait to share some things I've been working on & some "happy mail" from one of my clients today!!! Sometimes I need to step back & just thank the higher power for letting me do this shop & have this little life of ours I adore so much. Definitely not perfect..but perfect for us! Today's post is for everyone who wants to add fall charm to outside of their home without breaking the bank or spending hundreds on pumpkins for looks! I used to put out pumpkins, but honestly they're just kind of a pain for us hahaha..I decided to just add a few tiny ones this year & go more for greenery/flowers since we have flower boxes now & hanging planters etc.. I picked some Dollar Tree leaf garland up & used a whole $6 worth on the front. You can see our fall front porch reveal here:2016 Fall Porch

**Few different bundle colors from Dollar Tree.

1.  H a n g i n g  B a s k e t s

I picked these up from +The Home Depot  last year & I'm so glad I did! I love the neutral rustic look & they've been so durable! I filled them a while ago with some grass bundles from +Hobby Lobby   & some hydrangeas from +Michaels Stores,but it was looking too summery, so I headed to Dollar Tree & picked up some simple & thrifty fall leave garland for a $1 each!! I ended up getting 6 garlands & that was just enough for our whole front! 

2.  P o r c h  D e c o r

I'll say 80% of my flowers on our little porch are form Dollar Tree!! They're outside in the elements & I'm not paying a fortune! Inside is a different story, butttt anyway hahah I wanted to share some of the flowers & ways I used them on our porch this year! I mostly just "potted" them in old buckets & baskets! Super simple & cozy! 

Side Note: The mini burlap pumpkins are from Dollar Tree as well. Sorry I haven't responded to the emails on these.

3.  F l o w e r  B o x e s

The flower boxes are actually what got this little blog post going...I was just going to remove the white flowers from the boxes & add some simple fall flowers, then I got the idea to do a little more & blog it! I mean $6 in Dollar Tree garland { you can get filler greenery there too } & you can instantly warm up your exterior for nearly nothing & within 10 minutes!  I just strung the garland all in between the green grass fillers in the boxes & done!

I hope you guys liked this quick & thrifty post! It doesn't take much to warm of the outside of your home when you can get $1 garland & flowers/greenery from Dollar Tree!  What do you think of these little touches?

Happy Tuesday!

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