Monday, December 23, 2013

{Holiday Home Tour '13}

           { Dining & Kitchen }

Well, it's almost that special time of the year!! I don't know what everyone else is doing ,but here in our household my husband & I are prepping for hosting Christmas Eve! Lots to do in a short time. I managed to squeeze in a little staging/photo time to blog for the last time probably until {next} year ;). Here are a few pictures from what our Christmas dining room will most likely look like tomorrow while hosting dinner. I've added some new crisp white linen parson chair covers & swapped the plain black leather ones . I ended up picking  plain white parson covers at IKEA for a bargain $9 a piece. I was ecstatic to say the least. The solid colored ones were $40 a piece.  I swapped out the rustic wood reindeer for a classic & {lush-us} real Poinsettia ,Thanks to my mother. I brought out our gorgeous holiday dishes handed down from my lovely {Gram} along with the matching silverware. I think I covered everything... Just wanted to give everyone a peak at the different decor & what our Christmas Eve dining will look like. I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas Eve dinner & Christmas Day. See you all {NEXT} year!!!

Yes, That's a real Poinsettia :)

Side Note: The red velvet reindeer is vintage. I loved him. Thanks to thrift shop finds from my Mother!


Side Note: I moved the small buffet to the other dining wall for added space & a dessert table.


{ The holiday moose plates were purchased at Target }

{  Adult Hot Chocolate Yum!}

{ Basement }

I know, I'm late on getting these pictures up of our lower level! Forgive me. I'm finally just now feeling better after a cold. Our lower level is where we mostly do all our entertaining { I host Christmas} around the holidays thus why we have the   large tree downstairs. We opted for a real tree this year-YAY!! We went with a 7ft Fraser Fir and I stuck with my rustic country plaid theme. I added some bright red plaid ribbon along with some red beads & all our collected ornaments. Kept it simple with a monogram "M" tree topper & a red & white classic tree skirt. My village of course is the center of attention along with a small train set circling the tree this year.  White lights on the tree & garland on the fireplace top it off. I simply added some plaid candles & other Rustic ,Winter &, Christmas accessories to top off this space. Now it's time to enjoy,     { The Most Wonderful Time of The Year}.


{ Living Room }

     Now for the living room!!! Yes, the living room is much different in theme & style than the kitchen & dining. That's okay right?! I went with a sparkly chic cool blue Christmas inspiration in this area. I worked with the  cool colors that were already in the space. I must say this is one of my favorite Christmas spaces since I started decorating. It turned out just the way I wanted & on the {somewhat cheap}. I placed the snowflake inspired {white} YES,white Christmas tree next to our front entryway. I just simply added some glittered sparkled { Blue & Silver } ornaments from Big Lots & Dollar Tree. I believe I paid under $15 for all. I added a light -up silver bow a few years back for  $10. {Side Note:} I will not mention the store name ,because I DO NOT support the company.  The reindeer on the fireplace was purchased from Kohls's  for $15. It added some glitter & sparkle still with a hint of Christmas. The other goods on the fireplace such as the dark blue candles & silver holders..I had all those items. Yup, I know.. I'm a candle queen Ha Ha! The white lit garland was purchased from Big Lots for $10 & the white crystal -like tree in the middle was a gift from my dearest mother. She purchased it from the North @ a thrift shop. I must say it's one of my favorite pieces. The vases next to the fireplace I had I just simply added some brown stems, pussy willows & I bought 6 "sparkle sticks" three for each side from Michael s $17 ..a bit expensive ,but they fit the space/theme perfect & add a touch of Christmas magic He He.

{The presents are Faux,Just for looks}    

Happy Decorating & Stay Tuned for outside festivities,lights&  downstairs country Christmas Reveal!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{ About Me }


Hi, I'm Paige! I'm a wife, animal advocate, fur mom of {Stinker our rescued momma pitbull, Stewy our adopted puppy from one of our rescues & Wibbles our Walmart parking lot lionhead bunny},writer, blogger, photography lover, DIY'er & obsessor of everything cozy home! I have two degrees, one in Criminal Justice & another in Paralegal Studies! My passion for writing and home decor have merged & have become the BLOG! I operate this blog entirely by myself & taught myself one night on a whim & well here I am almost 3 year's later! I'm not your average blogger, I wasn't always obsessed with DIY, home decor our domestic duties{ even though I grew up around constant DIY, cottage living & projects }. As you can see from the above degrees of study I was at one time interested in the criminal justice system. After marrying at the young age of 22 & just buying our first place the year before I knew I was in love with being a housewife & everything that entailed. I know what you are thinking..How could that be a passion? If you would have told me that 10 years ago I would have looked at you like you were crazy. I fell in love with being a pampered wife, decorator, & husband spoiler! We're just two entrepreneurs living life with two silly pibbles & 1 rescued bunny! I humbly welcome you to join us on this practical blogging & life experience like no other out there! We blog about everything home for the AVERAGE person/house, and always with thrifty finds {thanks to my husband Mark's foreclosure business} & honest posts! Sit back and let us help you make your home your sanctuary!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

{ Our Home Tour}

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