Tuesday, May 30, 2017

{ Update & Progress + Patio Spruce Up Quickly in 3 Easy Steps! }

Hey everyone!!! Thanks for stopping back in today! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend..We just hung around the house & enjoyed each others company while sprucing up the yards & getting things in order { somewhat }, while purging things etc.. Today's post isn't fancy or pretty, but more of an update I wanted to share with you guys! So as you know we are actively looking for our forever home/ farm & well let's just say we haven't found ANYTHING- boo!! Yes, we are a bit picky, but we don't want to " buy just to buy" type of thing since we do really love our now home! The only reason we are moving is because of my husbands business is growing  rapidly...{ I thought I'd share that here since some of you have asked}. Anyways with all that being said, you guys know me & I just can't leave a space alone even if we are planning on moving! While Mark was smoking some meats & the dogs were outside playing we decided to move the patio furniture out & add some new cushions/ some treasures from our junk pile to spruce the space up. The weekend before we washed everything & stacked the fire-pit with all our scrap wood, so it was the perfect timing! We also had to retire our red cushions FINALLY after 5 years & although the color wasn't our style anymore, the cushions were really nice quality compared to the new ones...maybe a DIY on the old ones soon?! Since we have been working on just sprucing little parts of the back patio up for bonfires etc..I decided to quickly snap a few progress pictures.. I always hesitate about posting "progress" pictures, because let's be honest most of blogland is staged perfection..Not here on TQS haha..this blogs for the average folk I guess ha!

1. Signs or Decor! 

Signs can make any space feel decorated & fun! They also are super affordable, durable & versatile! I found this one in our treasure pile of junk & plucked it out & just set it here..It was previously in back behind on our little red shed behind the big white wood garage..See one of my first post HERE 

2. Cushions/ Pillows!

This one not only is a must for us since the previous owners tore down the screened in porch, but because they add that texture & warmth element to an outdoor space! I picked these green cushions up the other day for $80 at our local Ollies & surprisingly they're decent quality & match pretty much anything! The pillows are from @target & just add charm & for me extra cushion while sitting out here { bad back }! Both are weather resistant, but can be sprayed with weather proof if need be or stored in a trunk! Pillows always for me help pull a space together..& we already had these on hand.

3. Flowers/ Greenery!

The simplest way for me to make a space cozy or inviting is to add greenery all over! I use both real & faux greenery throughout our home & outside! A lot of the faux greenery can be pricey, but when I'm quickly "sprucing" up a space like this I just grab Dollar Tree flowers! They hold up outside well & cost next to nothing. You can also snag quite a bit at stores like @michaels & @hobbylobby when they have their 50% coupons!!


 I hope you guys liked this tip/ progress picture! I'm sorry this is a shorter post & not staged etc.. but you all know I like to keep it practical here on TQS! Life isn't staged right..at least ours isn't hehe! I love y'alls input so leave me some comments below on how you style your patio or porch , I love new ideas!! 


As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says something like this, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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