Sunday, January 26, 2020

{ Farmhouse Living Room Lamp }

There has been one space in our upper living room that has needed " something" since before Christmas...It's the far left corner that always seems to need something but until now I haven't found the right item. Rewind to Saturday when I found someone selling something on Facebook  Marketplace I was looking for for another project { I'll be sharing soon}. Mark ended up going to get it late that night before the snow was supposed to come..When he arrived he was greeted by a nice young man who was being relocated to Switzerland for work & needed to get rid of every ASAP. We was super nice & offered the original piece, brand new bags of candy & chocolates, plant stand,  end table & well this amazing pottery barn floor lamp!! It came with an adjustable body & cozy cream nightshade! See more below.......


This corner always has needed something...Doesn't matter which way the sectional is positioned or decor it's just bare!! I never imagined that a floor lamp could be so perfect for the space to be honest! My mom had floor lamps in the early 90s paired with pink carpet & feathered walls { which was super in at that time}..maybe that through me off  with the floor lamp idea haha

I love the simplicity of this lamp but also the creamy thick cloth lamp & sturdy base! I don't think I've ever loved this decor & set up in the living room more than now!!

I hope you loved this living room update!! I love taking you along even on the small  updates,  projects or just thrifty finds. I'm so glad I came across that post..I have to admit I get weary about meeting random people off of marketplace for furniture, but this guy restored both Mark & I's faith that there still are good people out there.

Happy Monday!
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