Wednesday, May 29, 2019

{ DIY Vintage Door Charm with Numbers }

Happy W E D N E S D A Y!! guys..for the past two days on Instagram Stories I've literally been a day behind!! " Happy Monday" " Happy Tuesday"!.. Anyways now that I'm clear on what day it is  ha I thought I'd share a little DIY with you all. So, you guys know I'm always trying to add charm to our little anyway possible while we look for our forever home. I spotted some numbers in a - SALE- bin for .97 cents & a thought popped in my head...Why not add them to our upstairs doors?! They're simple, just like this post...Come see more below!


The numbers were black, but I added a little silver for that galvanized look!


I didn't end up putting one on our vintage linen closet, BUT I do have something fun coming to the blog for this beauty!!

I didn't photograph the other door because the hall is dark.. I know this was a short post, but I couldn't wait to chair this little charming way to add character SIMPLY!!

Hope you loved this little quick DIY!


Monday, May 27, 2019

{ Happy Memorial Day }

Memorial Day weekend, you're here...& almost gone!! I didn't have anything planned today decor wise then  the decor bug hit late last after a longg day!! I decided to decorate with a few patriotic staples..Flags, vintage goods & of course red ticketing stripe & greenery. Today is about simply THANKING everyone who paid the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE for our FREEDOM!!! So with simple days comes simple decor!! Come see a few patriotic touches. 


A classic shot, on a classic historical day. 


We didn't do much this weekend. We worked { Mark's friends + him/ I directed ha } on the truck, played with pups, ate junk food & just got house stuff completed..


** Comfiest garden Jeans from MACY'S 


Vintage milk glass jugs, antiques, flags & greenery - VOILA!! I love this little centerpiece.


Some of the things we've collected over the years our huge old metal bells. We have quite a few. The chippy white bench, galvanized watering can & flag were the perfect touch out front!! 

Hope your weekend was everything you love & needed .

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

{ Spring Garden Nursery Tour }

 Wednesday, why hello!! A few days ago a friend & I stopped for slurpees & decided to brave the gloomy windy day, which was actually refreshing!! We popped in at our local nursery & oh myyy you guys it was sooo relaxing & cozy!! The amazing greenery, trees, shrubs, flowers & so on..I could have walked all day in there especially with no bright hot sun causing me to feel horrible.  I snapped a few pictures & thought I'd share with you all!! 

• G L E N D A 'S  
of Michigan •

The rows & rows of flowers, wood structures & everything garden had me in la la land haha!! I pretty much wanted one if each.. They had 3ft potted ferns for $38..I wish I would have snapped a picture..Great prices & selections 


This distressed gazebo was filled with dreamy!! Again, I wish I would have photographed a bit more, but it was super windy & spur of the moment!


Sweats, 3 inch roots & sneaks...ME haha!! But just look at those beauties..The colors were so vibrant!


If you know me, you know BOXWOODS are my jam!! Hint😉

I think this sign was telling me to eat more vegetables. It's funny how certain signs { no pun } can edge you in the right direction. I'm one of those people whose weight fluctuates very rapidly. 4 months ago I was down 32lbs from health issues, & currently I'm up 10lbs..which on my short 5'4.5 frame is a lot.  


Probably the prettiest tree...not on the property but that I've captured!! See it live in the video above if you missed it on my Instagram! 


I hope you enjoyed this little Greenhouse nursery tour!!


Monday, May 20, 2019

{ DIY No Prep Painted Cottage Table REVIEW }

You know those weekend's that just aren't productive, fun or creative? Ya, that was our weekend. We were both tired, it was rainy & well we just snacked & slept ha. As I was going through my camera roll hoard { all of us bloggers do this } I noticed I hadn't blogged a little Tablescape/ Centerpiece I had photographed after giving our round  farmhouse pedestal table a fresh coat of white paint...on a whim. See this where it gets to the "review" part because honestly I had no intentions of painting the table that day or any day but that was until I started photographing that day & so much wear + tear { not the charming kind either} were showing up. You see this tables been all over & it needed a pick- me- up ha. Being the most random person I am, I grabbed a bucket of again RANDOM white paint ha! Right on our forest green dining rug & all...I have a steady hand...thankfully! So, this table was lacquered wood & well I wasn't sure normal Glidden satin paint wood stick well. I would usually use a chalkpaint or sand it first..but nope.  Keep reading for the review..


What I used:

I used Glidden pure white with the paint + primer in one. I used a $5 brush & roller. I first brushed the table, then used a roller for the third & final coat. See nothing fancy.. but it's so bright & fresh.

The Good..

It looks nice, was thrifty & hasn't chipped yet ha. It's been about two weeks with meals, dogs, etc..

The Bad..

The finish isn't silky smooth & I'm not sure how long it will last with all honesty! 


I love the pure clean white look mixed with these summery vintage tea goodies paired in the middle. A vintage fresh tea setting if you will.. I've collected vintage crocks from before it was even trendy. The mini "honey" crock is a favorite find along with the matching planter & teapot.


I need something to go on that barn door, but for not I stuck that faux vintage sign. A y ideas leave them in the comments!!


The vintage floral print & frame are from a antique barn sale we picked at a few weekends ago. I painted the frame & wanted to display the floral print. 


Not quite your average review, but an honest one. Sometimes you don't need to follow the written how-to rules of DIY..Just go with it & if it doesn't flow, well, it's just paint. Try your own ways & develop your preferred style etc..

Thanks for popping in daily.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

{ Happy Mother's ALL kinds of Mothers}

Hey, you brave momma's- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY 2019!! I never blog for Mother's Day because I'm not a "true" mom with real babies { by choice} but I am a fur mom & that got me thinking..ALL mom's should be recognized today. This means Soon- to- be, angel moms, step moms, trying moms, miscarried moms, adoptive moms, fur moms & everything in between! Nurturing caring & love are what makes a mom, so let's celebrate them ALL. Since today is also one of our fur babes Big 5th Birthday, I thought I share some fun photos I shot today!! CHEERS!


The two best rescues a fur mom could ask for. Stew & Swartz the "Wart". Ages 5 & 8 months. 


They told me this should be a Hallmark card  because they're so cute hehe!!


The big BIRTHDAY BOY! #5yearsold 
We love you Stewart aka Rudey!


Hope your day is special, whatever kind of mom you are!


Thursday, May 9, 2019

{ DIY Free Cottage Style Flower Bouquet }

Friday, you're here sooo quick this week!! The light spring rain & huge blooming trees around us have me snipping  blooms & greenery at every corner haha..literally! After a light rain shower this morning , the tree next to us looked so fresh & bright I just had to pluck some blooms & make a bouquet!! Then I had one of those " Paige moments"..."Wow I should B L O G  this"!!  I love sharing thrifty tips with ya'll & this is super simple + thrifty because it's F R E E!! Yes, you heard that!! All I did was grab a few things & well I made our dining area soo much brighter with some simple stems!! Come read below more on this free & fabulous tablescape!!

S U P P L I E S:

  • . Tree with large blooms
  • . Bucket to gather stems/ blooms
  • . Scissors/ sheers for snipping
  • . Vase of your choice
  • . Any decor to add to centerpiece

H O W  TO: 

  • .  Cut long & FULL stems off tree
  • . Trim to different lengths for vase
  • . Arrange/ fluff
  • . ENJOY!!

These beautiful blooms { I don't know the name  } ha were courtesy of my neighbors beauty of a tree! Thanks neighbor-reno haha!


Side Note: I always put the picked stems in a bucket or whatever you're using in case they have little creatures. I just give a good shake before collecting them to take inside!


I mean how pretty is this simple bouquet & for FREE?! It's earthy, cottagey & neutral..check & check checkk! I decided to add some milky mason jars to the tray with a green tea towel for an added look! I mean I'm kind of obsessed with how fresh & bright this tablescape is! I've said this soo many times before, but for me, most posts aren't planned but more INSPIRED & this for sure is one of those times!
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The variations in these blooms couldn't fit better in our home. The white, crisp almost faux looking green & the little specs of yellow in the middle are sooo gorgeous! The simple green tea towel really brought out the blooms & the colors within!

I used this vase because honestly it was sitting on the counter from Mark getting me flowers from our 12 year anniversary on Monday! At first after shooting this post, I was like crap why'd I use that crystal vase but then I loved how it photographed! So see sometimes things that aren't planned turn out the best..Something this Type A needs to work on haha. P.s the crystal vase was a free find.

I for got to mention this above but the copper gardening tools are from Target Dollar spot. They matched the runner with specs of copper & just added a little garden ambiance!

What did y'all think of this post? Do you like this DIY freebie kind of post? I sure do because let's face it not everyone can or would want to spend a bunch of money on a tablescape when you can achieve this fresh cottagey look with just clipping some fresh blooms off your neighbors tree haha!

I hope you have a fabulous FRIDAY!