Wednesday, March 13, 2019

{ Fresh Farmhouse Style Spring Kitchen }

This week is flying you guys...Wednesday already?! I need it to go quickly though because I'm tired & craving the weekend with some antiquing, downtime & hopefully pretty spring weather. My nerves have been pretty bad lately anticipating my upcoming appointments. I hate not having control over my own body at times & not having immediate answers/ solutions. So, again I decided I needed some downtime last weekend & by downtime I mean hauling chairs up & downstairs, switching decor &  adding new pieces. See my last post HERE for a quick recap on this space... Today I'm sharing the whole freshened up space below!!


I wanted something simple for the table...So the simplest cleanest, but coziest item was this cream & wood wired 3 tiered stand!! I filled it with navy vintage diner mugs, greenery, amber milk bottles & ruffled white linen napkins!


I forgot to mentioned above, but this stand has two other matching baskets I added to the bakery shelf that helps keep the space cohesive. 
▪You can see the full cabinet 

This mahogany chippy wood shelf, gold rimmed plates & faux pastries bring this space together.  

Like many of my items this vintage milk bottle has sentimental meaning to me...My momma knows I love old milk glass bottles & picked this up for my  collection while on vacation in Sarasota.


Following the "vintage spring bakery" theme I added more of my milk glass jugs to the corner cabinet & this bakery sign that match the Market sign above the table. The black stem glasses & Iron cow finish this simple cleaned out spring cabinet!


I had three main colors in mind for this space..Greenery galore, ticking stripe blues & lots of amber/ mahogany accents!!!


I paired this basket with the baskets in the cabinet, added some grey/blue will branches, rolling pins & more linens.

No bakery is complete without a measuring menu...I love this old rusty one. 
I hope you loved this spring dining look!!