Friday, February 27, 2015

{ I can't wait to try this..}

It's the weekend guys wooo hoo! I shared something on my Instagram account a few days ago about +Krylon Brand Spray Paint   in chalky paint finishes & wax in a spray can & whoa was it a hit!! I have not had the pleasure of trying this stuff yet , but this is such a game changer especially if you're always wanting to change out furniture colors etc.. I mean don't get me wrong I love other chalk paint brands too { Annie Sloan, Americana Decor, etc.. } but what changes things up is the fact that it's in a spray can !!! The after paint wax application could potentially be so much faster & actually more efficient & able to get in the cracks & crevices while coating every inch of the piece that's being painted/ waxed!

Note: Excuse the photos. When I'm out & about and come across something nifty to share with you guys there's no time to perfect a picture #snap&go! 

I quickly took this  phone picture while browsing +Michaels Stores  a few days ago. Each can retails for $9.99 which is pretty decent considering many of the chalk paints can retail anywhere from $10-40! I just love the ease of a spray can ,but I can't wait to see how the actual product looks & works compared to brushed chalk paint!!

While I'm at it I thought why not share this picture I snapped while at Michaels the other day too! Michaels has so many new items out for spring I couldn't help ,but stop & stare & snap a pic. I love all the industrial cottage/ farmhouse goodies they offer now- I'll take one of everything he-he!

Stay tuned for an actual tutorial / review on this product coming soon!!