Monday, April 4, 2016

{ Thrifty Cottage Garden Gallery Wall Idea.. }

Hey guys and welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely Monday/ start to the week. I'm so tired I don't even know what is going on with me..So not like me to be tired @ 9pm, usually that's when I get my boost of energy hence the late night posts hahaha! I'm sitting here typing this & literally yawning!! I guess this fresh & springy post is needed  until this crazy Michigan weather clears. Although our  Michigan weather hasn't been great, I have been adding spring all over our little suburban cottage & am taking a trip to +IKEA USA  tomorrow with a girlfriend to get a few cheap spring goods. Last night via my IG account I posted about these cute little $3 wood signs I found stashed in the back of the target by the garden section..I knew exactly what I wanted the one for..It's for this awkward large wall in our upper living room..I finished the little spring gallery wall today & I'm in LOVEEEE! It's neutral, fresh, springy & cottagey , and best of all sports some real & faux greenery mixed in!! 

For $3 I should have bought them both right?! P.S. sorry about the picture I just quickly snapped this  while +Target . Again, if you're interested in these signs they're located by the garden supplies like boots, gloves, rakes etc.. Maybe they'll be moved up to the dollar spots soon ??? ;)

Okay, so these are the 4 real plants/succulents I have in this little gallery table space. I love it for spring & that some are real..I will say I started with 5 & now I'm down to 4 #rip! I've been trying I promise, but I may have over watered them..Hopefully they can hang on!! The unfinished rustic wood tray was a free find & says " Detroit Pistachios" in green writing. The runner is from Target dollar spots.

This simple sign couldn't have been more perfect for this space!! I love the rustic writing, wire & that it fit perfectly on the little wood frames. I needed something to fill the larger green window frame, so I used some +IKEA USA  hanging pots I had from a few years back! The plants in the pots are faux.

Crocks, ladder, wood potting table, plants & sign...All stuff I love & screams cottage! This wall is now bright & fresh, and ready for spring!!  

Side Note: The mason jar lamp was a DIY/ thrifty find. Search under " Popular Posts" for the tutorial.

My succulent babies haha

I hope you guys love this spring /cottage inspired gallery wall. I mean with a few chippy frames, $2 succulents & some junk this little space came together so well.  I know gallery walls are so popular right now, but in all honestly I've never been a huge fan...They can become clustered & random..or maybe it's just not my style..Either way I love this one I basically threw together on the cheap! What do you think of gallery walls?? Which kind to do you have or prefer??

Have a lovely Tuesday & THANK YOU for stopping in, I truly mean it :)!!



{ Super Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Dining Room ! }

Heyyyyy! I hope you all had a great weekend..I swear this may have been the fastest weekend ever, uhhh where did it go? I mean the April snow/ muddy wet mess we had here the last few days' hasn't helped either..but geesh that was a fast weekend! So to be honest I wasn't going to post anything today, because I got busy & forgot to photograph what I was going to share, but remembered I had quickly snapped these photos with my new Galaxy 7 { this isn't sponsored } & thought I would post our super simple spring dining room. When I say super simple, I mean it! I kept things to a minimum this spring, but have big plans so don't think our cozy cottage vibes are fading hahaah..I don't think I could ever be a minimalist when decorating,but never say never right hehe?!  Come see our simple dining room with some tiny succulents & greenery...& like always I'll probably be changing it up soon with something more cozy..Until then though...I'm off to bed because according to my lovely husband I've been too much of a night owl lately eeek!

I love the simplicity of this corner cabinet! This cabinet was like meant for this dining room I swear { it was a free find from our first home }. Everything in this picture minus the eggs from +Hobby Lobby  & the Dollar Tree succulents were free junkin finds. 

The buckets, ladder, milk can & table are all free treasures... The greenery is from +Michaels Stores  & the top basket is from +Hobby Lobby . The burlap was leftover from another project.

This might be the simplest spring centerpiece ever!!! Tray is from +Hobby Lobby  the brass bucket was free & I spray painted it, the milky mason jars are from +Marshalls  on sale & the succulents are from Dollar General ,and the candlestick & greenery are from +IKEA USA . It's fresh farmhouse-ish & least for now haha. 

I forgot I decided to add some matching flowers in the kitchen area too. Sometimes I gets napping & forget what I have..whoops! 

If you follow me via IG { Social Media links via my left sidebar & below } you would know that I already switched out these parson chair covers to another print...See I'm constantly switching & shopping our house haha...I'm OBSESSED I guess..:)

I just love when the sun is shining in our  cozy dining room. I love having the sheers open & having a peek at our white wood cottageyy garage! I wish the sun would stay here in Michigan though...All you southerners send some perfect 70 & sunny weather our way hahah #dreaming right?!


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