Tuesday, November 29, 2016

{ Rustic Farmhouse Style Christmas Kitchen Counter Decor}

Hey ya'llllll! I'm sorry today's post is late getting out..I know not the norm here on TQS for a post to come out at like 1pm..You guys can I be really super raw & real for a minute? I'm very tired...Literally haven't slept in almost 2 days..haven't washed my hair in hmm a while & I'm frantically trying to finish our Christmas posts & finish the 2016 Christmas Home Tour post!! With all that going on we've also got a house, dogs, work & managed to squeeze in holiday pictures, decorate & eat haha! I also am busy 3 days a week now { I'm unable to talk about it right now, hopefully sometime soon ;)}, so that definitely takes a bit out of me too. I'm one of those people who requires little sleep{ & no, I don't drink coffee lol }, but man I'm at my limit. Anyways, today I wanted to share our rustic kitchen counter decor with you all!!! I love cozying up our little suburban cottage kitchen & I added some super cute pieces & all for under $20!!  I have two more Christmas post after this one & then our FULL 2016 Christmas/Holiday Tour will be LIVE! I hope you can gather some inspiration & make your sanctuary everything you had envisioned for the season, because it really is the BEST time of the year! 

I photographed this whole space & forgot the " 's " in the chalkboard sign...Ahh the life of a blogger haha! I had to go back & squeeze it in, but bonus the lighting was better. I added the copper bow from some leftover fabric & the chalkboard is from +Target  dollar spot!

I spotted this NOEL wood sign at Target when  I bought the sign for our Christmas Dining Room HERE & just had to have it. I've said this before, but I rarely buy wall decor from Target because it's so trendy/popular! When I spotted this though, I knew I had a plan for it & I loved that it has hooks to hang on the wall too!  I added the gold ornaments which are from +Walmart !

The scale is a free vintage find!

I picked up some $3 faux snow from Walmart & added it to our trees from +IKEA USA  & then potted them in some free vintage crocks! 

Super cozy /rustic & ties in so well with our rustic dining room this year with the pops of simple gold.

The cute little soap/lotion dish combo is from +HomeGoods .

I hope you guys liked this simple kitchen counter decor! I'm loving the rustic , yet elegant feel from the pops of gold!! Super cozy & you guys know I crave SIMPLE, PRACTICAL & FESTIVE ha! 

Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday!

P.S. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for another Christmas room post & our FULL HOLIDAY HOME TOUR COMING SOON!
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