Thursday, March 15, 2018

{ 6 Cozy ways to Display Greenery in your Home..Anytime of the Year! }

Happy Thursday,friends!!! I wanted to quickly pop on here and share something that I was thinking about while I was packing the other day..greenery!! It's one of my most used items when styling  a space whether it's in the dead of winter or the middle of the blazing summer. I use greenery in our home all year long & I thought it was about time I shared with you guys the different ways you can display & pot your plants around your home in a few simple & different ways! I like to use flowers & greenery in the coziest of ways to add that cottage/ farmhouse charm,but this post has something for every style because it's all about different ways to use greenery in your home!! Come see these simple ideas below..

**P.S. Don't forget to read what types of greenery/ flowers I use + sources HERE

1. Free standing  Topiaries

The tall topiaries are one of my favorite plants to use around the house! They're tall enough to add height to certain areas & super easy to move & set in other pots like crocks, galvanized buckets etc.. These are from @ikea !

2. Baskets!

This is my favorite way to display flowers. I love the simplicity & the texture mixed with the natural elements of the flowers or if you decide greenery. These long creamy blossoms are from @hobbylobby .

3. Galvanized Buckets

Using thrifty galvanized buckets is another way  I love to display greenery around the house. They're simple, durable & can withstand just about anything & bonus they go with just about anything.

4. Greenhouses!

This one is kind of new to me..I was never really into them until I decided I needed something to use that makes a "statement" so I picked this one up from @ikea  . They're super popular right now & you can find them all over...I'm on the hunt for a vintage metal one, but for now this faux white one does just fine.

Side Note: Plants are  faux.

5. Crocks!

This has been my go- to display for my greenery for years!! We started collecting these vintage crocks over 5 years ago & I just love them! They couldn't be more simple & with the various sizes they can ultimately go anywhere even outside!

6. Wreaths!

Wreaths, I know not groundbreaking or anything but I had to add them because they're that one staple item that can be used in any space to add that " fresh faux green" aspect. They're simple to move, last forever & are fairly inexpensive/  versatile!  This one is from @homegoods

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for this upcoming spring & more. What idea is your favorite or which one do you incorporate in your home the most? 

Happy Thursday!! 

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