Tuesday, April 28, 2015

{ DIY Striped Dollar Store Bins }

A few months back I posted our spring bedroom with some vibrant corals, bright & bold floral pillows from +HomeGoods  & a plushy +IKEA USA coral throw! I mentioned in that post { I think } that doing such a bold makeover was a big change for me..as I usually opt for more neutral soft colors. So this weekend I decided to give our master a little face lift..again. I ended up switching out our bold accents for some simple rustic & neutral/chic  decor pieces with a pop of spring. The biggest change was painting our plastic Dollar Tree nightstand bins..They were plain white & I decided to give them a little lift with some Satin Ivory color spray paint! I love the way they turned out & for under $10!! 

Just some plain white bins..

I chose this color spray paint because It's what I had on hand & lets be honest it's my go to color in spray paint!! It's Satin Ivory!

I just taped the bins off with some regular painters tape. You can do any pattern, I liked this one...& it complimented the bin shape. Remember for a dollar & some $5 spray paint you virtually can't mess up! Go with it & have fun!!!

Let the paint dry ALMOST completely & remove the tape gently! 

I love how they turned out! They're neutral ,but add something to the little side nightstands!!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY that cost close to nothing! I love how the stripes add a little appeal to the room without being to bold or busy looking!!  
Have a great rest of the week!


{ Our Simple & Practical Coffee Station! }

Hey guyssss! I hope your week is going great! Today I'm sharing something I never thought I would have in my house.. A COFFEE STATION! Most of you know we aren't really the coffee type, more of the apple juice/ Coca Cola obsessed type HAHAHA! In the last year my lovely hubby has been liking his cup of coffee in the morning with some little added treats, so why not make him a mini coffee station?!  This is the most simple & practical little station EVER. It consist of a cute thrifted wire basket, cookies,coffee,sugar,coffee spoons, mugs & of course coffee syrups! This little project cost under $25! 

We just have a little -practical- coffee pot for now. No fancy / huge makers here! 

The little chalkboard canisters are from +HomeGoods  about three years ago for $8 for 3! The cookie jar is from +Michaels Stores  2 years ago on sale for $15! I love this cookie jar, it's just the right size & perfect for my hubby to grab with his morning cup!

Side Note: I pack a few different kinds of cookies in plastic bags to keep them fresh longer instead of just putting them directly inside the jar. We also keep little hard candies in it!

Yes, we still leave each other notes! I usually will write a little something before bed or after getting his morning coffee ready/ changing his work batteries etc.. not every night ;)! It's always nice to wake up to a special little note! 

The coffee syrups were purchased at the Dollar Tree. I love them because they are zero everything other then 15mg of sodium & they're delish!! We have Vanilla, Hazelnut & Caramel! 

**Working on another post all about this EASY chalkboard! Stay tuned!!

 Have a great rest of your week everyone! 




Thursday, April 23, 2015

{ Homemade Chamomile - Chai Tea }

It looks though as the cold weather is back..yay! Totally being sarcastic & actually a bit annoyed with this northern weather these last few days.. Not only have I had a cold most likely from the weather change, but it's back in the 30's & 40's AFTER we started spring decorating the front & back..ha-ha always happens! I'm going to credit my lovely father for jinxing us while we were putting the finishing touches on the patio. We'll call him " John" for the sake of this post , but as we were finishing some little touches on the patio my lovely father " John" says ' You better not put all this stuff out, it's April & it's going to snow'! I quickly snapped & said Oh, dad come on it's the end of April & 60 degrees out..he laughed and said you'll see....well yesterday SNOWFLAKES . WERE . FALLING...Thanks, DAD !!! With this cold weather means back to drinking delicious warm beverages & this one is a favorite in our home { other then of course hot chocolate & occasionally coffee }! 

. Recipe .

. 1 Spiced Chai tea bag
. 2 Chamomile tea bag
. 2% milk- 3 tablespoons
. Sugar -1 tablespoon
. Honey- 2 teaspoons
. Cinnamon- couple sprinkles
. Vanilla Extract { Optional } - Just a splash

Heat up some hot water for 2 minutes & steep the tea bags for a few minutes! Add the honey and sugar first! Then the milk & cinnamon , stir & enjoy this delicious tea treat! 

Have a great weekend everyone & BRING SPRING hehe!


Friday, April 17, 2015

{ No Sew Safety Pin Cushion Tutorial }

It's Friday & sunny , you know what that means..DIY galore!! I woke up this morning with a raspy scratchy throat ,but wanted to finish two projects I was working on. One of the projects was this easy NO SEW cushion/ pillow tutorial! If you're like me you can't sew to save you life & asking your dearest mother becomes annoying hahaha! So today I'm sharing this simple & thrifty idea of using SAFETY PINS! 

 1.} Few supplies you will need..Scissors, safety pins, & fabric!  Cut the fabric so you have overlapping material!

2.} Fold the sides over one another so the fabric is overlapped!

3.} Fold both end corners { Just like you would wrap a gift! }

4.} Pull the triangle corners from above & tuck { repeat on other end } !

5.} Hold the tucked end in place & safety pin it to the bottom part of the cloth!

6.} It's that simple & you're done! 

Finished product! 

Side Note: This DIY is only for cushions that will be used on one side! I liked this because some of our cushions outside are just for looks or never need to be turned etc..!

I used what fabric  I had left to cover the 1990's garbage picked cushions we had! I love this thick polka dot canvas fabric from +Hobby Lobby ! I got 2 yards for under $15!! I know most outdoor cushions range from $20-50 a piece so this was quite the bargain :) !

Have a fabulous weekend guys!



Saturday, April 11, 2015

{ DIY Indoor/ Outdoor Rustic Wood Coasters }

What a gorgeous day it's been!! The weather was perfect for some much needed sunny patio DIY! A few day's ago my dear husband came home with these cute little fresh wood slices..& well, you know I had to DIY them somehow! I decided to make cute little coasters with some simple chalk paint & a little monogram action!  Come see how I made these for close to nothing!!

These are the easiest indoor/outdoor coasters!! Grab some wood slices { free } & dust them of any dirt etc..Use some stick on letters & place them wherever on the wood you want to monogram! I used a sponge brush & just 'feathered' the paint on. When you're painting make sure NOT to paint the wood perfect or drench the wood..remember they're suppose to be rustic so leaving some natural grain lines etc..are essential! After the chalk paint dries { 15 mins in the sun } then distress them with a Brillo pad or brush. Dust off any dirt & or paint again & finally use a clear cream wax to seal the coasters!

I love the color { It's a mix of two Americana Decor colors I customized }! The grain shines through perfectly!

These coasters are perfect for indoor or outdoor use & bonus they're durable for parties & bonfires etc..

I went with a simple M & P, but you could really do anything with these..& for close to nothing! 

I sure hope you all are enjoying this lovely northern weather today! I joked with my mom I think in the two hours I was working on these little buggers & photographing I got burnt already haha! Front & back patio decor & DIY is coming soon!!