Tuesday, April 28, 2015

{ Our Simple & Practical Coffee Station! }

Hey guyssss! I hope your week is going great! Today I'm sharing something I never thought I would have in my house.. A COFFEE STATION! Most of you know we aren't really the coffee type, more of the apple juice/ Coca Cola obsessed type HAHAHA! In the last year my lovely hubby has been liking his cup of coffee in the morning with some little added treats, so why not make him a mini coffee station?!  This is the most simple & practical little station EVER. It consist of a cute thrifted wire basket, cookies,coffee,sugar,coffee spoons, mugs & of course coffee syrups! This little project cost under $25! 

We just have a little -practical- coffee pot for now. No fancy / huge makers here! 

The little chalkboard canisters are from +HomeGoods  about three years ago for $8 for 3! The cookie jar is from +Michaels Stores  2 years ago on sale for $15! I love this cookie jar, it's just the right size & perfect for my hubby to grab with his morning cup!

Side Note: I pack a few different kinds of cookies in plastic bags to keep them fresh longer instead of just putting them directly inside the jar. We also keep little hard candies in it!

Yes, we still leave each other notes! I usually will write a little something before bed or after getting his morning coffee ready/ changing his work batteries etc.. not every night ;)! It's always nice to wake up to a special little note! 

The coffee syrups were purchased at the Dollar Tree. I love them because they are zero everything other then 15mg of sodium & they're delish!! We have Vanilla, Hazelnut & Caramel! 

**Working on another post all about this EASY chalkboard! Stay tuned!!

 Have a great rest of your week everyone! 




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