Sunday, June 23, 2019

{ New Cozy Vintage Living Room Cabinet }

Whoa what a long productive-ish weekend. No huge projects but a good spruce up for sure!!! Sooo, new....hmmm wait hold on a minute, I'm not being quite truthful about that haha.. You see about 5.5 years ago I fell deep into the "chalk paint" craze..I mean don't get me wrong I still lovee chalk paint & it's versatility but these days I'm so busy I hardly get to paint. This piece I'm showcasing today is one of those pieces I painted & pitched in our treasure pile... I loved it, so I kept it in our lower level for the last few years! It's not perfect & the backing needs work but it fits my evolving traditional cottage garden cabin style haha!! There's been a spot in our living room that has been bugging me, because it needed a special something..Fast forward to today & I lugged that big ole corner cabinet upstairs 
a l o n e..Don't worry I'll be paying all week for that #thankstoautoimmunedisease  . Anyways before I fall asleep in bed writing this post come see this cute cozy FIRST look at this new piece....


Like I mentioned above, but my style has changed into what I really like & not what's trendy, though I've always loved  vintage & antiques!  Instead of all white or farmhouse store replicas my style is more gardeny cottage with that hint of cabin wood tones if you will. This piece entails & embraces all of those things!! The wood paneling, rustic chalk paint, scalloped detail & cottage appeal.


The little cubby box pairs lovely with our coffee table { see below } & added more charm!! 


Like many of my finds these items have meaning to me! The fishing pole was my papa's & I love the vintage detailing!!


Garden galvanized goods, greenery & wood..My style & dream living room all combined into this cozy area!! Now to find a new chandy.. The current one I love but is candle operated only.. 


I truly hope you love this space as much as we do. Those cozy oversized green check chairs, cottage fireplace & vintage touches make this space!

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Happy Monday