Tuesday, July 7, 2015

{ Candle Sconce Turned Flowerpot Holder! }

Hey guys!!!! I'm back..FINALLYYY!  Thanks to Brighthouse, { our lovely internet supplier }  our WiFi has been down for a few days & lets just say I was going nutty not being able to blog some fun new pieces!! I took what little 4th of July decor we had up down. My hubby found this piece about a week ago & at first I thought oh just another candle holder etc.. Then I got to thinking & thought it made a pretty cute little flowerpot holder. I had two terracotta pots from Dollar Tree & stuck them in there for now. I need to pick up one size smaller, but for now they're perfectly imperfect!! You're supposed to obviously hang this piece, but you all know I never go with the what you're "supposed" to do with decor..Keep reading below to see this cute little junkin piece!!

-- BEFORE --

So it may have sat in this spot for a few days..I was stumped where to put it at first then it hit me..right there was perfect & all it needed was a little quick washing & it matched perfect!! 

 I actually am using these ones in another project { Coming Soon} so I need to pick two more pots that are a little smaller! I kinda just wanted to get the look & see if I liked them & surprisingly I love the look at first try..weird right?!!


I mean seriously who would put that BIG of a candle in this...not to mention they're hard to find! 

I love the placement of this little junkin find, not only because it's cute, but because it sits so beautifully on my papa's old work bench stool! I can remember this stool from wayyy back when his garage was lined with vintage plastic superhero lunch boxes { He used them for screws & nails } ! Well, my gram is moving & my papa has been passed for sometime so when we went to visit her on Memorial Day I snatched this beauty up. It reminded me of their old house & I swear it had layers of painted memories on it. I washed & sprayed painted it a metallic silver & it's perfect!! I'll be blogging this stool & all our new summery pieces & MANY switch-ups in this last month!

Hang with me, I'm a bit behind from summer fun & technical issues! I can't wait to show you all the nifty new treasures & DIY stuff though!! I hope you all are having a great summer thus far!! Talk to you soon guys!!