Wednesday, September 30, 2015

{ Festive Fall Front Entryway }

Heyyyy guys!! I hope you all are having a lovely & quaint Wednesday afternoon!!!  When I posted our 2015 Fall Home Tour a few weeks ago, I totally forgot to post our entryway or even think about it. Today I'm back with a simple, thrifty & practical fall front entry! For some reason I got the spark to decorate at 1am last night & well this is what I came up with..It's mostly  all thrifty or free finds per usual & it's not neutral..shocker, right?! I think I got inspired last night to decorate because the late night breeze blowing through our little suburban cottage was just glorious ha! I mentioned via Instagram earlier that rustling leaves among many other things are my favorite about fall & I truly mean it!!!! I mean hearing the leaves blow around, the winding whipping about, fresh air & knowing the holiday season is around the corner..Yes, please hehe!! Grab a cup of hot soup & join me on this mini tour :) !

So I'm going to clue you all in on a little secret..You see that orange packet in the third compartment behind the "P"?! Well, that's a drawer freshener!!! I use them all over the house after a good deep cleaning. They add so much fragrance & last pretty long. This one is pumpkin scented & I picked up a 6 pack for $4 at Michaels!! 

The branches/ blooms are from +Michaels Stores  ! I don't know why but these particular ones stuck out to me..I think they're marigold blooms { Don't hold me to that ha }! I picked up some orangey rust & cream ones! 

The pumpkin was a gift from my dear gram from a local shop in town & the mason jar , mini shovel & flower holder were all free finds!!

I mean what's fall without some Baileys in your hot cocoa?!  & P.S. That's my lovely hubby's new scarf & it's soooo soft & thick!! I'm stealing it hahaha! 

I hope you guys liked this entryway! It's simple, yet still  has some of my style of vintage/rustic/cottage/farmhouse charm { whoa that's a mix}  & fun I'd say! Do you decorate your entryway?


Friday, September 25, 2015

{ DIY Bathroom Storage }

Welcome weekend & Happy 6th Year Anniversary to us!! It's suppose to be a beautiful weekend..not only is it our anniversary , but my dad's birthday & we share an anniversary with my late papa. I thought before the weekend festivities begin that I would share a quick & simple little DIY that literally is sooo simple I debated even sharing, but it was way to cute, so here I am!! I've mentioned this a million times before, but my bathroom { we have our own bathrooms } is super small, so every bit of storage is needed! I have plenty of baskets etc.. in the bathroom, but I was sick of always digging for stuff, so I went down to my decor room & decided to DIY a little something for less hassle!! 

If you all remember back in the spring I bought these hanging lace planters from +IKEA USA  & hung them next to the fireplace here--> Spring Planters..Well, obviously since then I've taken them down for fall & the upcoming holidays so they were just siting there .. Why not use them for storage?! They already have little round holes in the back , well actually three around the pots to hang them from a ceiling etc.. I never used the metal chain they came with for that purpose. 

 These planters were super affordable 2 for under $18 !! I just threaded some black & cream polka-dotted burlap ribbon through the back hole & tied them to the towel bar! I also used 1  medium sized furniture grip on each  so they won't hit the wall & leave marks , and they won't make noise when used..

I use them for literally EVERYTHING! For the sake of this post I cleaned them out..I keep everything from lotion to scissors in them & they're pretty tipping believe me!! 

Side Note: Make sure you hang them & tie them as tight as possible, this will ensure they hang down less etc..:)

I hope this helps all of you with that case of the small bathrooms heheh.This could even be used when you're sharing a bathroom & need to have split storage etc..simple, cheap & practical!! Have a lovely, happy & healthy weekend guys!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

{ Fall Kitchen & Dining Reveal }

Welcome back guys!! I hope you're all having a great week thus far..It's been so fun sharing different spaces decorated for fall with you guys! The amount of love I'm feeling via social media is remarkable!! I'm always aiming to help someone decorate & love their space with practical home decor & ideas. You know the type of stuff the average everyday person can do, no huge constant furniture switch-ups, power tools, expensive goods etc..I really hope I'm achieving this on TQS hehe ;)! Well, back to the post tonight...I'm really excited to be sharing our fall styled dining room with you all today!! I went with a more neutral rustic /mill theme you could say this year! Last year was all about the bold colors & more of a formal setting Our 2014 Fall Kitchen!!

I wanted a cozy vintage inspired mill feel,but still fresh & clean! I started with gathering some brown & tan patterned things & throwing in bits of vintage & new with homemade DIY stuff too! 

The linen tablecloth is from +H&M  , the parson chairs & plaid pillow cover are from +IKEA USA  , the table runner is from +Marshalls & the pumpkins are from +Michaels Stores ! Everything else on the table are vintage or thrift finds!

I love how these vintage brown glass bottles transformed this little space & flowed so nicely with the theme! These were all free finds as well as the vintage spice rack that I'm kinda obsessed with! The picture art was a gift from my mom & the mantel & white pumpkins are from +HomeGoods  & +Marshalls !! I spotted these white pumpkins & had to have them...actually my sister spotted them & when she told me they lit up..I was SOLD!

I made this sign a few weeks back & it kinda helped me plan what I wanted our "theme" for fall to be this year..You can see the DIY -->DIY Cider & Donuts Sign

Side Note: If you're looking for a great fall candle that isn't like the rest out there..grab this Tobacco scented one from +HomeGoods  for $8!

I didn't really do much in the  actual kitchen area  other then add some decorative soap, mini pumpkins, vintage bottles & this little sign from +HomeGoods  for $5!

Yup, that's a vintage find & what's fall with out a mixer for all those pies hahaha! 

I hope you all enjoyed this space in our home!! Stick around for Friday when I'll have the full fall home tour all linked together with each room!!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

{ Our Fall Harvest Inspired Porch }

Heyyy, I'm back today with our 2nd room on my little Fall Room Series I've been talking about!! Yesterday  I shared our Rustic & Earthy Fall Mantel& today I'm back with our front porch!!! I wanted a very hearty & authentic looking porch this year, if that makes sense..I decided to ditch the hay bales this year & go with more of  a harvest display instead! I used all authentic flowers this year & was going to use ALL real pumpkins until I noticed something was going on...NOBODY has PUMPKINS OR's literally  the craziest thing for me not to see huge crates of pumpkins at the endish of September...Our little area always has pumpkins at the grocery store, nurseries, stores etc..Not this year!!! It seems that the crops were not good this year or something...anyways I had to whip out my faux pumpkins haha..

Everything our little porch  is constructed of this year is thrifty or free finds with the exceptions of the hanging baskets & the plaid throw!! I love how cozy this year's porch turned out!! Last year I went more with  a staged/ ranch setup  ..

The plaid throw is from +IKEA USA  $20 & the boots { I painted } are from +Target  for $5! 

Side Note: I forgot the greenery is faux & from IKEA!  

P.S. You can see the bench makeover here Fall Bench Makeover 

I got this cute little sign from +Tuesday Morning  for $8!! The galvanized pot, & crock were free finds & the mums are from at +Walmart.COM for $4 !!

 I spotted these hanging baskets a few weeks ago & had to have them! I knew they'd be perfect for the space & I liked the rustic appeal they added to the front porch!! I got them from  +The Home Depot  for under $35 for both of them!!

I hope you guys liked my 2nd stop on this little Fall Room Series I have going on this week!! It's fun to see each room & look back at last year & see how different each space is this year!!  I'd love to hear if you guys are also having a hard time finding pumpkins this year..

Happy Wednesday friends!!!


Monday, September 7, 2015

{ Early Fall Porch Bench Makeover & Sneak Peek..}

Heyy! Whoa what a productive weekend in our little household!! My Mr. Sparky -Markie { He's going to hurt me for saying that haha} had to work all weekend, so while he was working in this blistering heat, I decided I would too!! Saturday my grams & I went shopping all day & that prompted me to start decorating, weeding , purging & everything else outside related & add  some early fall decor. I knew I had this awesome bench in our pile of junk aka treasures & it had been there for months waiting..I just wasn't sure where or what I wanted to do with it!! My parents picked it up while thrifting one weekend in the north &'s been in our garage ever since! I stared at it early Sunday & decided I'm just going to go with whatever I come up with..You see sometimes the planner in me just skips over & I just "go" with a project & this is one of those times. I cranked up some country in the garage, let the dogs out & started this cute little makeover. 


This is what the bench looked like before..It was a mid 90's oak colored stain that was a bit orangey/ needed some TLC! The wood was in great condition so I started by using some cream satin spray paint lightly  over the entire piece for a primer coat you could say.. after that I hand sanded the entire piece for a distressed look & to smooth over everything!! 

I hit it with some dark wax & focused special attention to the arms & points I wanted to highlight! After the wax dried I used some light sand paper just to evenly distribute the dark wax etc..I love how the layers of paint/wax pull out the grain of wood for that aged look!!

I love the arms on this bench!!! They're so high & I love the arched look..I distressed these for an almost rugged look & heavily used the dark wax around  them.

I love this little Esquire shoe polishing kit. It was a free find & went perfect while staging the space with some fall boots & this little set!!

 Sneak peek @ some of the fall porch for this year..;) & P.S. I love that this bench has so much storage for when I need so put stuff away in storms etc.. I also should mention I did do a final layer of clear cream wax to seal everything for this upcoming fall weather!

I hope you all had a great labor day & here is to ending summer 2015 & starting the beginning of fall! Have a great rest of the week with school, work or both!!! :)


Friday, September 4, 2015

{ DIY Neutral $1 Fall Inspired Wall Decor }

Happy weekend everyone!!  It's been some not so great weather for us folks here in the north! I'm ready for everything fall, but that's no surprise since once September 1st hits it's all I can literally think about hahaha..Ya, I know what you all are thinking " She's jumping the gun"..but I love fall & like to enjoy it as much as possible before the truck loads of snow { which I don't mind}!! Truth be told that's how I've always been in life ..always 2 steps ahead of everything & honestly I've been trying to work on that & enjoy the simple things in life & most of all my wonderful hubby & our fur babes aka the "pigbulls"!! This month is our anniversary month { 6 years } & & we also share an anniversary  on my  late papa's { Grandpa's } birthday, just another reason to LOVE September & everything it brings!! Anyways, today I'm sharing some simple & super cheap fall wall decor that literally anyone can make & use.. I shared a picture via IG a few days back & today I'm sharing how. It's neutral & festive - Yes, please!!! 

So this was the before..Not that I hated it or anything, I just wanted something more neutral for the living room! I usually always go neutral in the house & blast the outside with festive color haha! I also couldn't leave these as they were because of the wording on both..just didn't go for the space!

I used some cream chalk paint I had from  +Michaels Stores can use any type of paint. I prefer chalk paint because it's thick & dries super fast..& let's be honest I'm super impatient !! Both of these pieces came with faux attached leaves too that I deconstructed & decided just to leave the neutral twine bows instead!

There is a little tiny whole where the hanging string was & I just used that to hang them..the nail fit perfectly into it..they do hang a bit off the wall so I may use a 3m or two..typical Paige style LOL!

Side Note: The furniture piece is from +HomeGoods  & the metallic pumpkins were another Dollar Tree DIY! The lamp is actually the DIY mason jar lamp I did & I just turned it around towards the wall & added a thrifty brown shade!!!

I love how the cream paint, wicker baskets & the burlap on the art pull together!! The distressed chicken wire basket was a free find my hubby found the day I hung these. I needed something so bad for the space & boom he walks in with this from work ..He's the best!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little DIY!! I'm hoping this weekend is nice so I can get started out front on our little porch!! I'm ready for this moist / humid weather to be gone..I'm curious what  you guys up to on this holiday weekend?? 

Happy & healthy weekend!!