Tuesday, June 11, 2019

{ Easiest Fireplace Mantel Styling 101 }

Welcome back to TQS!! One area in our home that I always love to change out with every season, occasion or just for a fresh feel is our fireplace mantel!! Nothing screams anything cozier than a fireplace!! I always wanted one as a child & so with our homes I made it a point to have one in our condo & 2 in our house. They're not elaborate but so cottage & warming...in any home!! I get asked frequently when I share stylings of our mantels how I choose items, place them & style for an equal eye appealing look!! Well, today I'm here with the SIMPLEST FIREPLACE MANTEL STYLING 101!! Keep reading below for a few simple ways I style our fireplace  & how YOU can too...



This is the first step to decorating your mantel!! Pick a bold piece to center or " anchor" the whole mantel!! This could be a metal piece, greenery or mirror! I mean anything you would love to display or draws attention !



I like to set a background to my mantel displays! I've used large mirrors, old frames,  your TV, vintage pictures & like today a huge chalkboard!!



This is the one thing I see many forgetting to do..  its adding some height variations!! I used black candlesticks with cream planters & greenery for a height variation but just enough so everything doesn't look f l a t!



This is probably the easiest & my most favorite part - ADDING GREENERY!! You can add plants, flowers, stems etc.. it brings that natural balance & warmth!



Like the height tip above, this is something most forget I mean I did when I first started interior styling! I'm someone who craves balance but also a little asymmetry for a more cozy casual look. Being to symmetrical can lead to a too staged or formal look. I just added a hint of asymmetry with a vintage seltzer bottle on one side & a slightly lower candlestick on the other. 



This is my favorite especially for that cottage/ rustic farmhouse look!! Layering can be dine easy by adding lamps, plants, greenery, throws, pots, mini chandeliers etc..  Not cluttered but I try to cover open blank gaps! Baskets, or simple pieces help in those cases!!

Whoa that was a lot...maybe not but I'm beat y'all!! I've been at it since 6am & it's now 10pm haha. I hope this helps you decorate your mantel..& I'd love to see your space. Share it with me via my EMAIL LIST for direct free updates too.

Happy decorating!