Sunday, January 12, 2020

{ Rustic Winter Basement }

You know those spaces that aren't exactly how you want them to be or you just cant get right, but you still use & love them a lot...Yep, that's our lower level!! We use it when we host, have company,  casual gatherings or just when Mark & I have movie night etc.. Oddly enough we use it WAY more in winter, so I thought it was about time I showed how it looked all comfy & rustic for winter!! Come see the whole space below...


After Christmas I wanted to keep it extra fresh & comfy, so I used a bunch of rich woods, & cypress branches! I kept a lot of textured baskets , woods, green candles & pine tree accents!


This coffee table we had upstairs,  but moved it down to this bigger space & it was a perfect fit! Rustic, cottagey cabin & big for when we have company over!!


I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like before I even got the Christmas down the day after Christmas..I wanted a winter themed Irish pub feel..if that makes sense! Lots of green, wood tones & hints of burgundy...Yup, burgundy!  I bought this new burgundy rug to layer for Christmas & figured after I'd just roll it up & store or donate! Well  after seeing it in the space I loved it especially with the rustic pub moose decor! Warm comfy winter cabin perfection.


This space needs a lot of work, well in our opinion... Fresh ceiling  paint ,carpet, wall treatment, chandy etc.. but since we're back house hunting {who knew trying to find a sprawling suburban farm ranch would be so hard..I KID! } we aren't sure if we will. For now we love it!

We picked this up at an antique mall many years back when Mark was collecting antique pub collections..This is one of the pieces we couldn't part with! The plaque pulls the burgundy from the red & rustic moose decor in nicely to the space!


I added a textured basket with chunky green candles, a vintage wood basketball game { so fun with company} & this mini red keg on the mantel!

I know I'll get questions about this piece.. it's gun shells mounted on a wood mooses antlers..I love the rustic coziness with the throws! 
• I just remember I forgot a piece for  this space before I photographed...Ahhh typical Paige!


Do you have a basement or lower level you use a lot in the winter? Something so cozy about this comfy lower level entertainment space..Never thought I'd use some of these elements like the burgundy but that's why design & blogging are so creative + fun!

HAPPY Monday!
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