Sunday, November 3, 2019

{ DIY Cinnamon Stick Ornaments & Potpourri }

Happy Sunday + Monday pals!! Man this weekend  was BUSY, but in the best way!! We added  Christmas  goodness to just about every  inch of our little  cottage with the exception  of the front porch..but the barn garage  ha. I just couldn't  help myself! We also unfortunately  lost our very first rescue  from 2007 too..she was the best dog.. My mom & dad will surely  miss her { she lived with  them}. After destroying the house Saturday with everything comfy Christmas I used all Sunday  to clean & wash everything! I  decided to make some DIY cinnamon stick ornaments + potpourri  bundles while in the process & wanted to share!! 


  • Ribbon { your choice} I used leftover pillow cloth ribbon.
  •  Dollar Tree Cinnamon  Sticks
  • Tags { optional}
  • Ornament hooks { optional}
  • Decor to decorate bundles


Simply gather a bunch of sticks & wrap your ribbon around. I typically  wrap twice for a thicker cozier look. After that you can just tie a simple bow. Set them around the house or on branches  in your Christmas  trees etc... 
•• If you're  making them into ornaments,  just add Dollar Tree hooks & stick greenery or berries in the ribbon for a fancier look! SUPER SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE & FESTIVE! 

- Total Cost: Under $5 -



When I purchased 4 little  bags of these at Dollar Tree I didn't  expect  them to be that fragrant,  but boy was I WRONG! So yummy & fresh & for $1 a bag..You get about 7 sticks per bag.


***Little tip, keep all your cloth ribbon that pillows come gathered in the store..The double packs especially!!


You could add any tags you wanted, I had chalkboard  tags laying around! You could do berries, stems, snowflakes etc..


I loved how they looked on our mantel & tree!! I'm  waiting  on a few things from Etsy then I'll  be blogging this years theme in both living rooms & the dining  etc..Super simple & delish this year..stumped? Hehe!!
Anyways I hope you looked these two simple DIY's!! Do you love cinnamon? I'm  pretty much obsessed!!

          Wishing you all a lovely Monday!

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