Monday, June 20, 2016

{ Summer Decor Ideas with Tips / Tricks & MORE !! }

Happy official 1st day of summer sweet friends!!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend doing something you love or helping someone or something. With everything that's been going on in the world I've been trying to just do things I love & be around people who mean the most to me. With that being said, I know many of you have been experiencing summer for awhile, but us Michiganders have only been having "real" summer weather since about two weeks ago! With today being the first day of summer 2016, I thought I would share some simple summer decor inspiration with items ANY home can utilize! I also wanted to give a sneak into some areas in our home where I used some of these items/tips! Sit back with an ice cold coca-cola or sweet tea & join me for some quick, simple & fun summer decor!!!
1. Lighten up your furniture! If you have dark leather add some light throws or decorative pillows! If you have a slip-covered couch or sofa lighten the print/fabric up! 

2. Adding any sorts of greenery will help spruce & brighten up any space! I like to use a mixture of plants, flowers & other types of greenery all throughout our home! Real or faux works. I tend to use more faux from +IKEA USA  , +Hobby Lobby  or +Michaels Stores only because my green thumb isn't so green ha..yet!!!!

3. I always seem to change up our candles throughout our home to lighter & more fruity scents once the warm weather hits! I mean anything floral, fruity, or natural scented I love during the warmer months especially on a cool summer night!

4. Pillows are that item that you can switch out with any season or holiday for cheap usually & simply! I like to add more neutral toned pillows or patriotic style during the summer months! I also tend to go with lighter {fabrics} & smaller style during the summer! Cozy on the sofa with some soft throw pillows on a summer evening..Yes Please!!!

5. I'll be the first to say I keep 4th of July decor to the minimal, but I also love adding rustic/vintage patriotic stuff all around the house for the whole summer!  It adds that summer cozy charm & reminds you of those long warm summer nights with loved ones!

Basic Decor
6. Signs or lettering etc. are one of those decor items that can help bring in different seasons, holidays or even styles & summer is no exception! I'm pretty much obsessed with the "garden" one above. They're easy to DIY & bonus you can find signs like this just about anywhere. +HomeGoods  is one of my favorite chain places for them! 
Adding decor like lanterns that can be used in just about any season or occasion are another way to bring in some summer decor. Using lanterns inside or out will work for any summery space. I decided to put the pair of birdcages in place of lanterns just because these decorative cages reminded me of summer..Don't ask me why, but they did haha!

-->I've put some simple, neutral, rustic, cottage & farmhouse style summer decor together below with sources! Keep reading for some more summer spaces & ideas in our little suburban cottage!

**More ideas for summer below! Click the links for more inspiration throughout our home.

Flower boxes are that summer item for the outside that scream summer is here! We added these semi DIY ones here:Simple Summer Flower Boxes

I decided to decorate our front porch with some vintage patriotic goods for summer & 4th of July here:Our 2016 4th of July Porch!

I hope you guys have gathered tons of inspiration from this post! I wanted to incorporate some straight inspiration from a board & summery inspiration from our actual home so you guys can see & use the ideas hopefully in your own home!!! I'm wishing you all a lovely 1st day of summer & of course Monday too!

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says it, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger , but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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