Tuesday, October 25, 2016

{ DIY Faux Farmhouse Wood-Grain Coffee Table Top }

Okay, so I probably should start 85% of my posts out with " I started this project on a whim" haha, but honestly you guys it's so true of me. I'm such a planner in my everyday life, but when it comes to decor & mostly projects I kind of just go with them & that's exactly how this one started!! I was cozied up the other night while watching Tuck Everlasting { Don't laugh} & decided I would sit in front of our little fireplace & give this thrifty coffee table in our upper living room a makeover...at 2a.m !! I don't know what made me want something warmer, but I thought it needed something other than the crisp white I gave it when we found it. I think with the holidays coming up I crave those warmer wood tones.. This table is wood, but had so many layers of paint that I didn't want to sand { impatient Paige } so I came up with something sooo much easier & I'm kind of obsessed with how it turned out & for less than $10!! Come see below what I did!!!!

S u p p l i e s

  • Brillo Pad
  • Chalk Paint {tan or brown} depending on grain color preference { First coat before roughing up}
  • Dark Wax
  • Paint Brush 
  • Cloth

 D i r e c t i o n s

Clean the table with water & let dry. Put a thin layer of your chalk paint down & let dry!! After the chalk paint is dry, use your Brillo pad to gently rough up the surface. Wipe the area clean of any loose material & begin putting the dark wax down in long strokes. I put about 3 coats on & let dry, then took the Brillo pad & very gently went over the top for a bit more of a distressed look! The dark antiquing wax can be purchased +Walmart !

I love the variations in the wax it's almost like real wood grain shwoing. I also like the fact that the top is protected now & without having to mess with stain/sanding etc.. I'll probably get sick of this too, but for now I love the warmness it brings into the living room.! 

**The table was a free find, the rug is from +Ruggable® 2-Piece Rug System   & the crocks are free junkin finds!

I decided to leave the lower level white for now & just added an old chippy chicken wire basket!

I used an old glass window for the centerpiece & then just filled some old vintage crocks with greenery from +IKEA USA  & +Michaels Stores ...Super easy & cozy!

I hit some of the detailing on the table with some leftover wax on the cloth, but made sure not to technically "outline" it. I just wanted it to look a bit aged & distressed naturally!

Like most of my projects, it isn't perfect & that's what makes it that much more charming & rustic!

So what's your take on this DIY? Do you like the dark wax faux wood grain technique? Have you ever worked with dark waxes for projects? Let me know below , I love hearing from you guys! 

Happy Tuesday! 

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