Thursday, October 15, 2015

{ DIY Chalk Painted Faux Wood Front Door Makeover!}

 Happy Friday!! I'm so excited for this weekend! I've got a honey-to-do list a mile long hahah. I hope my husband is ready..I got some big plans for our little suburban cottage & it's mostly on the outside..I've had this idea in my head for quite sometime & hope we can pull it off before it gets to cold outside here in the north!! Enough about the outside, I updated something in the inside that had been bugging me since day 5 in our house haha jk..but seriously! It's one of those things that isn't urgent or that you stare at while relaxing it tends to get looked over..Ya, it's the front door!!! Come see how I pulled off this custom faux wood look for under $20!!!!!

This was the -BEFORE- eeek, right?! I used some leftover paint we had from our lower level two tone paint & at first I liked it..& then it just became dull...I don't know why I waited so long to paint it & the way I did for close to nothing..

Just a little toooo stark, but still an improvement!! P.S. I LOVE that stool DIY Farmhouse Stool

I used leftover chalkboard paint from +Target ! It's 1quart & about a quarter was gone before I started painting & I still have a quarter left with 2 coats!! This stuff goes a long way I tell ya! You could also use just plain chalk paint in black, but I had this so why not!!

This is where the nifty part comes in..See I wanted more of a cottage door, but lets face it solid wood doors or at least the ones I liked were over a grand..Ya, not happening if we plan on moving! So the night before I started this project My husband casually says why don't you distress it..I shrugged it off & laughed that he was even mentioned that. He obviously knows my style to a tee haha! Well, after the first coat around the  glass window { I used a custom mixed grey/blue/white } I wasn't digging it. It was too perfect & charmless looking for my style..Hmm what to do? Oh ya, hit it with some brown antique wax & DISTRESS IT for that cozy, modern & cottagey look! Thanks you to my wonderful hubby for putting that in my head hehe! I did about two coats, wiped & dried & it seriously looks like custom wood!!!!!

 I just love how much impact this gives our little entryway!! I never thought I would like black, but I'm seriously in love!!! It was the perfect day to paint with the storm screen down & use my trusty little step stool since I'm a shorty who hates heights ;)!

Cozy, fresh & fally-yyy all for under $20!

Thank you honey for the idea, I know you'll be reading this in the morning { He reads my new posts every morning before work & gives me input :)))!

What do you guys think of this front door makeover?! What color is your front door?

Have a lovely weekend guys!