Friday, March 2, 2018

{ Cottage Style Spring Home Update: Pt. 2 - Products & Ideas! }

Happy Friday!! So as I am writing this "spring home update" I'm kind of laughing..You guys, we have 3 inches of fresh S N O W on the ground here in Michigan..Blah!!! I was sick on Wednesday with some GI/ kidney stuff I suspect so I didn't do much & today  {Thursday } I slept a lot & just did the minimal. I'm feeling much better  & we're ready to get this mini makeover in full swing ..even if we do have snow on March 1st!!!! I mean you can never plan around Michigan weather so it's no surprise to us! My ocd & type A personality are already getting to me with the future mess, chaos & decisions that are coming up haha. I got some major inspiration for an area in the dining room & I think I know what is being moved in there..fingers crossed it works out!!! Mark also just informed me that we might do the kitchen floor as well..we will see ha. Anyways today I wanted to share pt.2 / the items & finishes we're most likely going with in terms of this little renovation. Like I said before things could change, but come see below what direction we are headed in!!!

Side Note: See pt. 1 HERE

We decided to go with Behr brand paint. We have used it so many times before & loved it. We will being using the Behr paint + primer in one for max cover & most likely in Ultra White for all the rooms upstairs with the exception of Mark's office HERE & the dog lounge HERE since we just redid those rooms.
The back door will be replaced with the one below as well as the front door. Both storm doors will be replaced with  these french style ones with the screen in them I believe.

For the upper level living room we will be painting white & adding some type of wall treatment possibly & I have these tan plaid/buffalo check wallpaper picked out for the accent wall.

In the kitchen we will be adding a bit more charm with horizontal beadboard & the dining room will have vertical beadboard.

As far as vanities go, I think one of these might be my choice. I'm still looking but I fell in love with both of these & it goes well with the farmhouse/cottage style in my bathroom. We're keeping the travertine that's tan & I liked how these looked. Mark's bathroom will be painted but his vanity is far.

I hope you guys liked these "take you along" type of posts. I will be vlogging super soon, so if you're not already be sure to subscribe HERE. If you have any questions, input etc.. Let me know down below.

Happy Friday!!

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