Monday, May 17, 2021

{ Neutral Summer Fireplace Look }

 This has been one of the longest weeks for me since 2018 when I was sick for weeks! Thing's have been all over the map around here, but one thing that stay consistent me - blogging, decor & writing!

Although I'm in a level 7 pain right now { I'll explain later } I wanted to put up a few images of our fresh spring mantel with some amazing pots from @homegoods ! This is one of my favorite areas to refresh & after spotting the pots I had to style it...A FEW different ways! •Come see more below on how to get this look...


This is one of the 3 different looks with mostly the same items! I've never really disclosed this, but as a photographer & blogger you take tons of photos for that shoot & then you get the fun task of going through the roll & picking the images that look best etc.. Sometimes that's hard, hence why I'm showing the same shoot styled a few different ways!


I wanted a super neutral look that entailed a bright fresh summer ambiance with a lot of countryside cottage charm! After the last few weeks, it's much needed! These Atlas masons from Maine are some of my favorites! The seltzer bottle brings in that summer vibe with staying cozy vintage & neutral! 

The going focal point were these wicker jute clay bottom like planter pots that are super unique & these massive stem bundles!! 


The stem bundles are so large & that's particularly why I loved them because they fit effortlessly in this vintage inspired laundry basket by Magnolia! 


I added this bronzed piggy last minute & liked this look too ha! I don't know why this shoot was so hard to decide..I'm thinking because I love how I executed the look! Which look is YOUR favorite??

HAPPY Monday!
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