Tuesday, June 3, 2014

{ Summer Flowers '14 }

Hey! Hope you all are having a fantastic week thus far! It's been so beautiful here in the north it finally feels like summer is arriving ! This past Sunday the hubs & I visited some local little markets & flower stands/nurseries in search of some cute flowers for our front patio & yard. The first  little local plant stand had some gorgeous flowers,but were to generic for me { of course } so we stopped in at Home Depot & they were pretty much out ..& generic as well. We decided to visit our local Trader Joe's & I was so happy we did! As soon as we walked in the cute little rustic stand was filled with bunches of different flowers including my FAVORITE Hydrangeas!! You bet we snagged four bundles { all of their  stock } ! On the way home we stopped at another local Market  {Cantoro's} & another plant stand! We ended up picking up some gorgeous mature hanging pots! They were just what I was looking for in hangers ,color & all. 
Happy summer potting & planting to all!!

These were purchased at one of our local family owned  nurseries { Steinkopf Nursery} ! They were $30 each or BOGO half off!

One of my favorite shots!

I have Hydrangea madness ..can you tell?
How beautiful are these 'Early Blue' hydrangeas from Trader Joe's ?!

Side Note: The grass in the middle is not dead, it's sprouting fresh green..I love my grass plants, but this one was looking a tad on the dead side!

Each of these bundles was only $6.99 @ Trader Joe's! 

Thanks for stopping by our  little flower garden,until next time :)!