Monday, May 16, 2016

{ Simplest Garden Style Centerpiece EVER! }

Well hello there Tuesday!! This week is moving right along & I've been in high spirits all day even with a little rain shower earlier & a pounding sinus headache!! Speaking of rain showers we had a "Florida" style quick rain today & I kind of actually enjoyed it!! If you know me personally, you would know I despise rain.., I know it's  essential to all living things, but me being the OCD clean freak I am, I hate the mess ;)! Anyways, we had a warm sunny quick 10 minute rain & then I started think centerpieces ha..I know, totally random!! I walked in from grocery shopping & did a quick clean & popped open all the windows & the rain magically stopped. I decided to slip on my flip flops & go outside to snatch some random { I don't even know what kind of plant they are } garden greenery to fill our empty mason jars we've had on our galvanized tray for weeks...I know, I'm slacking ha! I didn't know if I was going to like it, but actually I'm in loveee! I needed something to make it feel fresh since we were having some quick business company.. So some free rain splashed plant trimmings & oatmeal cookies ,and voila we were ready!! 

These mason jars were all free about 2 years ago. We have over 50 of them, so I decided to go through our garage stash AGAINNN haha & finally style some.

I mentioned above that we had a Florida like rain today..Well, when I went outside to see what I could grab from the garden these for some reasons stuck out to me & they actually remind me of a Florida style plant!! I swear it's the most random things that come together so nicely...


This 2 tier tray stand is from +Target  It was definitely a splurge for me. You know I like to keep it practical & this piece was over $40! My sister actually spotted it & said " YOU NEED THAT" ! Yes, I may have because it's so cute, neutral, industrial, rustic & well everythinggggg I love & crave ha! Thanks sister!!!

The flower frog is from +Marshalls  & was a clearance find for $7! I love the top how it matches the sides of the stand!!  It's a great filler too!

Oh my...I need to either feed those cookies all to my husband or pups or something eek haha! The wreath is from +Kohl's  & it was originally a Christmas wreath I converted..I probably should blog that too ..hmm! The pillow cover is from +IKEA USA  for $6! 

I really hope you guys liked this centerpiece! It's so bright, ultra simple & neutral! I mean a tray { you could use any} free rain drenched plant clippings & old free mason jars..SIMPLE people, almost too simple for this planner brain of mine haha!!!!

Happy & healthy  Tuesday!
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