Friday, August 23, 2019

{ Subtle Fall Fireplace Transition }

Happy Friday my pals!! It's been a long week..longer than some, shorter than others. I mentioned a few days ago that posts would be scattered..well they definitely have been!! On Sunday after a long weekend { insert sad face} I developed a huge hematoma on my left calf! I let it go until Thursday morning  & decided because it had tripled in size & was on my left leg, I'd go in! Long story short, I got to my P.C doctor & he sent a "stat" doppler  test with people waiting for me at the hospital. I'm ok, thankfully! Today is Friday & I'm BACK to share our simple fall fireplace or transitioning to fall I should say. I love this new fireplace, it's bigger, bolder & just is easier to style, so of course I've been non-stop messing + creating with it .. Come see our fall fireplace transition below..


I started by adding the smaller more industrial black lights.. Although, I love them for this photoshoot I think they're super unsafe!! They really overheated & were super hot to turn off...Thankfully we have a new chandy in the living room { I'll be blogging soon }


Candle Scent: Apple Fall Pumpkin from


Some tall greenery for cozy factor, vintage white mirror & voila!! I've had this mirror for ages & couldn't wait to finally put it up above the mantel!


I needed this wood cubby box to go somewhere, so here it sit..perfectly enchanting with some simple greens + pumpkins!


My mom dropped off a cute paper bag full of these faux greens & flowers from the U of M gift shop, I couldn't wait to use them.. 


How do you transition to fall? Which area do you decorate first? I hope you liked this simple subtle transition into fall..after September is nearly here & it's fall weather here tonight!!  I'll hold the "psl" but a warm vanilla bubble bath is a deff!


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

{ Garage Barn Makeover UPDATE! }

This was one of our bigger projects we took on this summer around our little cottage { two more coming}!! Not only did I want to change the big white wood garage for ambiance/ decor , but also because it needed a bit of repair! The puppy & rain + elements have done a number on it, so it was time to get painting! I decided on the color  "Red Candle" from Behr. It's a true vibrant red & I'm super excited to style it for Fall & Christmas! We will be adding something else color wise as well..more to show soon! Today I'm here with an update! We have a lot to paint &  trim out but should be done soon!! It's been so wet & hot here it's unbearable, not to mention I have a softball hematoma in my leg..somehow?!


It looks much darker red in person, and no worries this is only the first coat!! I'm excited to freshen up the door too with pure white & the little cottage hardware! 

• Side Note: don't mind my stockpile.. the inside is getting scrubbed & painted too. We use our barn garage a lot & its insulated with a working corner shop! Definitely time for a CLEAN & paint so we can continue to use!!


See that square spot not painted? Ya, that's where the puppy " Swartz the Wart" chewed the wood... Ahh! 


Time & time again we choose @behr !! Long lasting, affordable + the color selection is great. We bought a 5 gallon...Hope it's enough. 
I can't tell you how ready I am to get this done & styled!!!


Hope you like when I share progress pics...Projects may seem quick but unless you're hiring out, have ample time etc.. they're going to take some time.. Thanks for always checking in, encouraging & sharing in with our normal life one project at a time...

Happy Wednesday!

{ DIY Cottage Fall Bakery Cart }

Happy Monday my pals!!! Hope your weekend was an awesome ending to summer or "late summer". Mine was eventful & a not the greatest birthday, but ehh no big deal! We did start tackling the garage painting & repair which I'll be blogging soon!! Today, though I wanted to share a few glimpses of fall here in the dining room!! You see Mark scored this awesome old bakery cart, so of course I wanted to quickly style it....I love putting simple inspiration out for the seasons & with September 1st only a week away I thought why not share this little cart!!! Come see more below...


It all started with this " pumpkin nut bread" framed picture!! A few weekends ago while up north at the cottage, we visited one of my fav shops, Bestie Furniture!  

A definite MUST shop when in downtown Frankfort, MI ! 


All I did was group pumpkins together, add some sprigs of greenery & a little homemade -pumpkin- sign!!


This little sign was in their basement clearance room, with no tag...I loved it & grabbed it from a corner & the superrr sweet ladies said $10 !! SCORE!


Anyways there's a first tiny glimpse of fall in our dining room!! I think this bakery shelf is so cute..I did leave the original writing on it { behind picture} it reads: Hearth Bakery Goods! I'll share more soon!


Sunday, August 11, 2019

{ Best Northern Michigan Getaway Spot }

Happy Monday, pals!! I'm so excited to share this post with you all because it's so raw & real!! Short story; we needed a vacay! We needed one so much after this long year, but until Mark's business slows down & he can take his vacation time we decided to head north  to the cottage!! As much as I complain about wanting to move / travel more in all honesty, I kind of loathe it!! I'm a true homebody with everything in me & with my vertigo/ health issues it makes it worse on me. So, we decided to take advantage of our animal sitter { my sister had a free weekend } & our schedules + weekend were open to head north! 
•Come take a peek at the coziest weekend ever....Plus, I vlogged!!!! 

One of our favorite places is without a doubt Point Betsie Lighthouse in Frankfort Michigan!! It's quaint, bold & the tiny secret- ish pathway beach shows off the bluest Lake Michigan water ever!! To our surprise it was actually warm too! It's a bucket list destination for sure♡.

Thankful for this guy for letting me sit on his lap to get a sunny beach picture haha! Sometimes it's the little things..& that's exactly what this post is all about...

*Click below for video!

Of course we had to do a little antiquing...How we got here would make y'all cry in laughter...THANKFUL for a husband who off roads & pays attention to stop at roadside antiques while I'm NOT ! 


Everywhere we stopped entailed some type of charm..Even this tiny road antique place!! If you want to see behind the scenes footage, fun snippets & basically our shenanigans..FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!! 


After a long day of shopping downtown Frankfort & eating at the cutest yummiest cafes { L' Chayim } we decided to grab gold drinks & head to our little spot! It's a tucked away boat launch with the best views & area to pull town the truck tailgate & dip your toes in Crystal Lake!! This was my favorite from our weekend !!! I still can't believe Mark remembered where it's at #Icantdodirections #hiddengem


From one of the " fleakmarkets" roadside we stopped at! Loved the -Mark- with the wild flowers...


• Crystal Lake•
*See Vlog for full footage!

Always snapping candid shots, that I'm cringing about haha! Thanks, Spark for making me love Point Betsie even more..I mean look at that water!!!! 

This was at our little secret spot♡.
The coziest summer evening loving, sunning & relaxing!

More of our shenanigans on top of Point Betsie haha. Y'all we are always thinking " outside" the box..even if that means taking silly unfocused photos!! I love sharing "outtakes" with you all. It's real & funny...I hope you love the silly ones as much as we love taking them!


I have to give a shout out to the best most comfortable + unique cafe in Frankfort-  L'Chayim!! They offer the yummiest Jewish & Palestinian themed sandwiches + outstanding chocolate walnut oatmeal cookies!! 

Have you been to northern Michigan? We absolutely love it!! Many like Mackinac island, but we just can't support the animal abuse that the horse & buggy carriage rides promote! You all know we never follow the masses or tourist areas anyway, but if you're looking for the coziest cottage getaway it's definitely Crystal Lake / Frankfort, MI !!!  I hope you looked this blog post +our vlog! Thanks for allowing us to keep sharing & hopefully inspiring in the most realest relatable way!

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

{ Patio Refresh with Kilz..Pt. 1 }

Okay, so by now you guys are pretty hip to this kind of post around this time of year... From our severe winters in in Michigan our porches & patios take a beating & by late summer they're due for a refresh { at least ours is}. I had two free-ish days, a 5 gallon bucket of leftover brand new Kilz #longstory & an anxious mind...What do I do? Wash our entire patio on the hottest day & paint it haha! I mean you guys this is literally how projects get going around here!! I get antsy with ideas & literally -hulk it-  as my sister says & move/ paint/ rip up etc.. everything around here. Anyways, so today I wanted to show you how EASY it was was to refresh our patio with just painting it bright white Kilz primer...yup, you heard that correctly! No, paint just the old chipped up underneath stained white & the Kilz primer on top!! 
This patio still needs a new umbrella { thanks storm } , cute vintageyyy solar lights & some fresh firepit pea gravel..but today it's all about P R O G R E S S not perfection!
•••••Come see the first part below...
-P.S. sorry today's photos are quick snaps..Full photoshoot Coming Soon!


This little buddy  "Swartz the Wart" wanted part in the painting too. If you seen my Instagram stories you'd know.... Insert eyeroll haha..eek!

From last can see how dingy /stained it was even with a good power wash!!


• there are a few dirty spots from the random quick I talk about below!!


I wish I would have gotten an -in the moment- shot of me rolling it out, but I'm a practical blogger & being all done up / staged isn't my thing. My hands were sore after, sweaty & I was trying to beat the quick summer storm rolling in...Michigan weather for ya ha!

Side Note: This DIY planked wood table is also painted in Kilz primer & it's been outside YEAR ROUND for 2 years..snow & everything!!! 


So, I purposely snapped this picture here, because it's where the obvious wear + tear are & where one little BIG wrinkly pup decided to chew the paint... So it was definitely due for a fresh coat! This is Kilz primer for interior OR exterior! It went on like butter!! I literally painted two coats in 40 mins..the sun helped but the buttery thickness was divine!!


We also love using Kilz because it's so easy in the 5 gallon buckets plus cost effective! Another thing is it seals for water & mildew which is nice by the steps & for when water pools from melting snow ect..


We're farrr from being done with this back patio before cozy Fall bonfire season ,when we use it a lot, but I wanted to share the progress & my favorite 1 item that has already refreshed it soooo much!! 

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

{ Most Simple Dining Tablescape for any Style!! }

Today { Sunday } all I did was cozy in bed, photograph this space & wrangle dogs..Oh & eat pizza! My throat was a bit scratchy & most of my "To Do List" was completed! It was a rough end to the week due to people's shenanigans, but that's life! Simply brush it off & feel sorry they're  sad within themselves...Speaking of simple.. I'm sharing the MOST simple tablescape ever to hit my blog!! It fits any decor style, space or budget for that matter!! I wanted a clean fresh table look, so I rummaged in my decor stash & kept it as simple as possible, while still being that tad bit of cozy! Come read more below....


Candlesticks are the easiest, most durable & thrifty item!! You can visit your local thrift store & find them for a few $$ a piece or even garage sales!! They're fine if the dogs knock the table & the white candles you can find at Dollar Tree win!! 


Somehow I acquired all these candlesticks.. By somehow I mean from hand- me- downs, sponsorships, old decor etc... I didn't know what I wanted to do with them while cleaning until I set them on the dining table! I kind of cascaded them from small to big... Yep, the end ones black not doesn't bother me! I used what I had & as you can see we actually do use the candles!! They're all vanilla scented & smell lovely with the warm summer air pouring in!! 


They paired well with the decor I had up, so I basically left everything the same minus stacking a few vintage gold rimmed dishes & dried baby's breath! 


Side Note: Now that I'm looking at this photo, I remembered I have some smaller silver candlesticks that would have been nice mixed in.... Typical Paige afterthought ha! 


Quick post, but probably the most simple too!! Decor doesn't have to be hard, expensive or impractical!! I'm here to always help you love your home no matter size, budget or style! What's your take on this - candlestick tablescape -?