Saturday, November 21, 2015

{ Simple Christmas Cottage Bathroom }

Ohhhh hey weekend!! I hope the week was good to you guys! I'm going to start this "bathroom" post off by saying it's going to be a weird/ long post & by that I mean I'll be sharing some life stuff in this post while hoping to still inspire..You guys know I like to keep it 100% authentic here on TQS & with that being said today was not our day...! Okay, here comes the rant about RUDE Secretary of State employees..After waiting in line to ensure a new work truck  the rude attendant makes some incorrect observation & starts making a scene & sends us on our way. This is all after waiting in the ridiculous line forever, so we got back in the jeep and I  reported her!!! I'm so sick of what I call "power-tripping" people working at these places. You're working for the tax payers so please do your job & correctly!!! AHHHH next thing is I'm fighting a bladder stone. Oh, the joys of kidney & bladder stones..welcome back- NOT!! Sorry guys I know I'm ranting, but it's been one of those days & Yes, I get that many are going through much worse, but sometimes the small stuff is just as aggravating & it builds.  I'm thankful for all my readers & being able to blog, because it allows me to vent { other then to my savior husband hehe :) }. I mentioned this before, but most of the time I'm not a very verbal person. I have my moments, but I would rather write how I feel then verbally say or talk about it unless I'm really pushed. Ya, I yell, but I never really say what I'm truly feeling. I'm a guarded person & holding onto things internally isn't good for anyone. Writing is my outlet & I'm thankful you guys allow me to do that while hopefully inspiring you to decorate/build/enjoy your sanctuary practically! 

Now lets get onto the actual post haha! Today while trying to not think about some of the physical pain I was feeling I decided to dress up my bathroom  for Christmas!! Let me just say this is my VERY first year that I ever decorated any of our bathrooms for Christmas. I mean the bathroom isn't someplace anyone wants to hang out in, but it's definitely someplace I want to keep clean & cheery under the circumstances hahahaha ;)! Keep reading to see how I decorated the bathroom with odds & ends around the house! 

Most of the items in this post are things I grabbed from storage or used in previous years to decorate with! I just wanted some hints of festive holiday colors in the bathroom so I used simple objects that were easy to move or that are actually used like soaps, towels, lotions, candles etc..

The fringe tea towels are new & I got them at Tuesday Morning store for cheap!

I like to decorate the bathroom with stuff I'll actually be using, so I added some really fragrant Meyers hand soap in the fresh tree scent! I also added some green bath salts to the cabinet shelf & then stuck some festive red flowers in the hanging basket storage for some color! The ribbon is from Michaels & was leftover from a project!

The bows are from DollarTree.

If you notice many of the things I decorate with I shuffle around from one spot to another..This is called shopping your own home on a practical budget! I can pick out at least 3 things in this "holiday bathroom" that I've used in numerous other areas of our home. Styling your own reused goods is not only budget friendly, but then you  tend to stay away from trends & focus more on your personal style/likes!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.