Thursday, July 18, 2019

{ Easy No Hassle Window Flower boxes! }

Whoa what a week it has been around here... From new vehicle shopping to viewing houses & everything annoying in between ha! Like do you ever wonder why everything has so many steps? I know I do & it can get quite confusing + overwhelming!! One thing I like to share here on my blog are quick projects, diy & little "refreshers" for the average everyday home/ household! Today I'm quickly sharing some phone pics { sorry for the quality} of our NO HASSLE summer flower boxes... Keep reading below to see what I mean!


S U P P L I E S:

  • Flower box { ours are from Home Depot}
  • Dirt
  • Planter pots { I used Terracotta}
  • Faux greenery plants or real { faux from Ikea}


D I R E C T I O N S:

Simply fill your Flower boxes with dirt about half way! You can place a flat board on top of the soil so the planters all are level { I didn't}. I like the imperfect rustic cottage look! Place the planters on top of the dirt/ wood & fill with faux plants or real if you prefer! 

This gives the flowerboxes a full look without the hassle of digging, planting etc..  The planters are easily able to be changed out for the seasons or when you want a different look! 

• Side Note:    Ours have a piece of scrap wood under them for level & height on our window ledge!


Simple greenery & terracotta can add so much charm to any home! I chose terracotta because they're summery & cottagey! I got these vintage aged ones while junkin for 10 cents a piece!! The longer box I used three terracotta planters 1 large two small. The other window I used 3 small terracottas!


I recently sprayed the boxes chippy white wood to match our shutters & antique white bench under the picture window!! I love them paired with the red brick! Classic cottage!!

* I spy a puppy snooper ha^
Do you guys have flowers boxes? I leave ours out all year..I can't wait for Christmas this year.. if we're still in this house!! Let me know what you think about this easy no hassle way of having window flowerboxes!!

Happy Friday!