Sunday, October 18, 2015

{ Charming & Colorful Thanksgiving Tablescape }

It's Monday already...BOO! Seriously this weekend, like most just zinged right by!! This weekend was the epitome of the way fall is described in books...sunny, crisp breeze & everything cozy goodness!! We had so much fun just "tooling around" & enjoying some delicious new chocolate glazed donut flavored coffee, playing with the dogs, eating some Arabic cuisine & being cozy together. We got some projects done outside { I'll be blogging that ASAP eek!} & got some things updated inside our little suburban cottage! You know those things that don't need to be updated, but in a sense they do..Ya those types of projects! We even got to visit with our parents today & discuss some exciting things happening this winter business related! One thing I also did on Saturday morning was snap some simple pics of our new Thanksgiving tablescape..for now haha! Keep scrolling for some cheerful inspiration!

I made this sign from a huge wood slice we had piled in the garage..Oh, geez that makes us sound like hoarders haha. It was plain & untouched so I decided to give it a little life!!! It had a huge nail through the middle, so I had Markie remove it for me:)!  I chalked it out & used some black paint for the thick lettering! I added some leaves with spray glue & all done!!! 

P.S. How pretty is that baby's breath? I used the leftover from this post Kitchen Corner Cabinet  & stuck it all behind the wood. I'm telling you I'm obsessed with baby's breath & the simplicity!

I love these olive wood hands!! They're authentic from overseas & I thought they were appropriate! The tobacco candle is from +HomeGoods  & the runner from Marshalls! I picked up some real, yup you heard right REAL pumpkins from +Kroger  on Friday night !! If you guys would have only been there with us on a Friday night picking pumpkins out in a silent Kroger...yikes haha! My lovely husband was doing an impression of me..but I'll refrain from  indulging in it on TQS hahahah!

How cute is that little mini wood honeycomb?! I have a vintage mini honey crock & my grams found this to go with it! I thought it looked cute with the fresh cinnamon sticks & gold rimmed plates!

I hope you guys also had an enchanting autumn weekend too!  I'll be back this week with some tips & outdoor updates!! I'm curious so do you guys like the more neutral table look from Our 2015 Fall Home Tour   ,or do you like a more vibrant table like this one I styled?? Let me know in the comments below :)!!  Happy week guys!