Tuesday, March 31, 2020

{ Spring Garden Table }

I've been trying to make every corner in our little red brick cottage super fresh, greenery filled & welcoming..since, well we're at home a lot these days!! I'm surprised with how much stuff I have that I  forgot about or haven't used in this style or area! Our dining room this year has been the freshest & simplest it's ever been..burlap, boxwood & wood accents. With sticking with that look I moved this antique table that was my grams' from Canada that's  over 60 years old in this empty corner of the dining room! I added more boxwood,  rusty Mason jars & two huge burlap bags with a #DIY sign I made in 2012!! Come see this cute garden table below....


I've had these huge burlap bags forever & have only used them once! They're actually embroidered, but I turned them around because I dont care for the writing...again use what you have & improvise!! I love how big, textured & neutral they are!


Boxwood has been taking the show in our dining room & I love the fresh simple green look! • See a few posts back for a full tour!


My most favorite pieces are these cloches filled with freestanding boxwood stems! I had them downstairs in our kitchenette area & they were just collecting dust...The rusty glass masons I added to fill spots!


Isn't this the cutest garden table?! What's your going spring theme this year? I know it's hard with everything going on in the world, but USE what you have, SHOP your home & get CREATIVE!

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