Tuesday, September 22, 2020

{ Free Amber Bottle Fall Centerpiece }

 This is one of those post I'M SUPER EXCITED to share!! It's cozy, festive & FREE! One thing I love to share with you guys my pals is cozy farm/ cottage decor inexpensively when possible! Today is THAT day! Amber or brown bottles are super cozy for fall & have made a huge step in trends in the last few years..I remember walking on my grandma's beach " Lake Huron" collecting smoothed washed up glass on the rocky shoreline! Anyways, I'm here to share an inexpensive replica of vintage amber bottles! Every now & then, Mark likes to enjoy a cold one..Banquet by Coors especially.  I don't care for beer in the least, but when I spotted these bottles I knew I could DIY with them & show you how as well!!! Let's be honest not everyone has time to antique or buy expensive vintage goods, so let's improvise & upcyle together...Keep reading below!

•Video on prepping the bottles:

Item's used / How To:

. Coors Banquet bottles or any brown glass bottles on hand.
. Grass stems or anything fall foliage etc.. I snipped have a bundle & divided into six glasses. I trimmed the stem bottoms to fit nicely in the bottles..I also shook them to clean/ shed before placing them!
• Side Note: Use a brillo  pad for any glue left on the bottles.

For the first look I simply washed, dryed & stuck the stems in lined up bottles. Easiest tablescape ever!! The bottles reused & the stems free! It's warm, rustic, festive & most of all thrifty!!!


Style two is super similar to style 1, but I added some fun muted pumpkins! These pumpkins were less than $4 each & 3 are years old! Thrifty..again!


Style 3 is the warmest  in my opinion! It's also still very thrifty & warm from the bottle ambiance! I added the gravy bowls with some mini candlesticks & cutlery. The gravy bowls are just our regular gravy bowls { p.s. hate gravy haha } & the mini cheeseboard cutlery were $3 from the Target dollar stop! 

Whoa that was a long post! I hope you enjoyed the breakdown of looks, items & video! It's always nice to do something thrifty & simple but also makes a big impact! • Are you into amber/ brown glass?

Happy Wednesday!
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