Friday, November 25, 2016

{ Adding Farmhouse Christmas Charm in 5 Thrifty Steps }

Happy "Black Friday" & the biggest day of the year to decorate for Christmas! I'm not going to lie to you guys our Christmas decor has been up since the end of October,but that is in thanks to blogging. I can't say it's all just because of blogging we usually decorate for Christmas November 1st! Christmas has always been that one thing a year I look forward to because of the great memories I've always had & wanting to spread & share that cozy & magical time. Today I'm sharing how to achieve that cozy farmhouse Christmas feeling in 5 thrifty steps! When I say thrifty, I mean it, no expensive name brand trees, antiques or name brand goods etc.. { It's okay if you do this} , but I wanted to show how EVERYONE can achieve this look no matter what budget you're working with. These are simple steps for the average person, to get that look so many crave around this time! Come see the little list I put together with some pictures from our home!!


Adding red to any space can help you achieve that farmhouse style. Simple pops of red paired with neutral decor help warm up the space without it becoming to "whimsical" & less country farm etc.. I like to use pillows { You can get some great red pillows from +Salvation Army North }. Just wash & pop them on the couch, kitchen chairs, baskets or bed! You can also add pops of red with plain red vintage inspired bulbs! I picked a 12 pack up from +Big Lots  a few years back for $8!! Using cheap $1 wrapping paper can also add simple pops of red. In the above picture I just used some old cardboard boxes & wrapped them with some simple Dollar Tree paper with pops of red!


This is my favorite tip because it's neutral & could almost be free!! I'm the first to say that greenery like garland & wreaths can get expensive!! I LOVE adding greenery all over for Christmas with crisp white lighting because it adds that cozy warmth so simply! You can cut & use your own greenery from pine tops, pine branches & gather pine cones { bake pine cones in the oven for a few minutes to remove any bugs etc.. } & use them as decor in baskets & accents! Greenery can be placed on mantels, tablescapes, baskets etc.. Bringing the outdoors in is the simplest farmhouse tip!!


This tip is the most important I would say in adding that farmhouse charm! Now I get that not everyone can go "junkin" & pay the high prices for goods like crocks, dough bowls, galvanized buckets, metal stools, chippy furniture, crates etc.. I do have these items & use them, but all mine were either free finds or from thrifty stores!!! You can visit thrift stores & find all kinds of mini crocks, furniture { paint & chip yourself } vintage dishes etc.. I also like to look for this kind of stuff in the summer at garage sales & store up for the Christmas season! 

See last year's Christmas Home Tour HERE


Farmhouse style has a bunch of mixed in finishes but a couple always stand out to me! Things like old galvanized buckets, chippy painted wood furniture  & metal set the tone for farmhouse style! Anything old or neutral looking will work for farmhouse style finishes! Just keep it simple with the goods & accents with adding in galvanized goods & lots of raw or weathered/aged wood & it brings that "farmhouse charm" instantly!


This one can be argued over & over again, but ultimately plain white lights paired with wood & greenery are the most farmhouse you can probably get! It's the simplicity that brings in that old fashion charm of  passed Christmases! Now you can use colored lights too, but to me that is more of a "vintage" old fashion Christmas that reminds me of the vintage pinks & more retro style. Something about plain crystal lights can add so much charm! I picked up a huge pack at +Walmart  this year for under $8!!!! 

This year's Christmas Farmhouse Dining Room HERE

What do you guys think about this thrifty list on how to add cozy farmhouse Christmas charm? Do you have any thrifty ways to add charm to your home, if so leave me a comment or email!! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday & weekend!!

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