Monday, June 29, 2020

{ Patriotic Kitchen Cabinet }

Monday you sure crept up on us quickly! You want to know something crazy from this past weekend? WE DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It was an odd feeling to say the least but also very refreshing...We pj'd it up, movies, blankets, pups & junk food nearly the entire weekend with the exception of Sunday & our Club Car stroll! 
Today we're back to share one of our favorite pieces decorated with some comfy classic vintage decor! I moved this huge piece into the dining room last week & decided to splash it with patriotic goodness until 4th of July! 
Come see this amazing piece in our dining room below......

Here she is!! This huge wood chippy white glass paned cabinet! I've never had it in the dining room before, but it's actually super practical & gives it a nice fresh look! It also gave me the push to organize all my dish / glass collections or at least some. Now that they're all in the same area mostly it feels organized! 

I used so many vintage pieces like the flag, crate, grocery baskets , apron etc.. Many of the pieces were thrifty/ free & some very sentimental from family members♡.

I kept it light & just added pieces I loved! I wanted the focus to be on the flags, texture & vintage pieces themselves!

I hope you gathered some info about pieces,  inspiration & light! Do you decorate for 4th of July? We'll be up at the cottage by Traverse City..Hopefully I'll have a post/ vlog for you all asap!

                      HAPPY Monday!
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