Tuesday, July 21, 2015

{ Simple & Practical Back Entry Organization }

Hey lovely friends & followers or anyone who may be reading my little blog!! It's been a crazy few days here in our home..I just finished our "adult style" bedroom & this cute little practical back entry organization area !! With both those DIY/projects going on I decided to take a little trip to the beach with another blogger friend of mine & get some much needed sun...Yup, I sure did get some sun, SUN POISONING!! Yes, I had sunscreen on ,50 to be exact & still managed to get fried & of all places my legs. I felt great & then the spins, shakes & nausea hit..Thankfully my lovely hubby kept me hydrated & I'm feeling a bit better..UGH! Anyways, I hope you all are having a better week hahaha #sunblock ;) !! So I shared via Facebook & Instagram that I bought a cute little galvanized metal Smith & Hawken organizer for wait...$8.89!!!! If you're +Target  obsessed like me ,then you'd know that Smith & Hawken goods hardly ever go on sale & honestly they're not the cheapest goods. This was originally over $30 I believe, and I knew exactly where I wanted to put it when I spotted it...  

I love this little drop location!! We don't have the biggest back entry, but it works fine for us!! The way our home is setup you can exit from the sliding  patio door or actual backdoor. We usually use the sliding door..with that being said we are always forgetting something { cough, cough} my hubby is haha! When I spotted this little organizer for under $9 I had to grab it!! 

It has three pretty deep compartments & easy switch out label cards!! It's great for hats,dog leashes,wallets,notebooks, earbuds & well JUNK !!! I think this is great because it helps keep the back entry clear & helps certain people remember things haha { Just kidding honey } !!

The picture was a DIY gift from my mom , the +The Yankee Candle Company  candle was also a gift & the silver tray & rustic pitcher were thrifts!! I thought it all looked so cute paired with the striped white/ grey curtains from +IKEA USA  & our little DIY shoe-rack { Search popular post  on the right side of the blog for that project } ! I threw a candle in because who doesn't like smelling a fresh  Yankee candle when entering/exiting their home?! 

Side Note: The grass in the pitcher I snipped from our front garden.

I love this little organized area now!! Everything has its place..keys,junk,& shoes all for nearly nothing { under $35 }!! Even little spaces can  and need to be organized in our home!! I mean who likes searching for things or forgetting thing when walking out of the door?! Yeah, me either hehe! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this thrifty, simple & PRACTICAL DIY & Organization post!!

Thanks for reading!!:)