Sunday, March 10, 2019

{ Farmhouse Dining Room Vintage Bakery Shelf }

Welcome back to another week of inspiration on TQS!! This weekend was filled with naps, rain, decor & an awesome Sunday tooling around with our niece! As you know I've been having a hard time physically for awhile but more difficult since Thanksgiving 2018...My body has flipped on me, so days where I feel "normal" or "grounded" & not dizzy I try to enjoy, but also get as much done as possible.   I spent Saturday napping because I ate garlic on Friday & it through me into a mini body flare up..I'll get into detail what's going on with me in a separate posts after my new endocrinologist & primary appointment..After a little rest I pushed myself to finish cleaning the kitchen & dining room while adding some new pieces. I've always had this dream of having a vintage like bakery with cute brownies, cupcakes & pies....Come see a sneak peek of this new bakery shelf in the dining room.   

Side Note: I'll be blog the entire space once it's finished.

This shelf cabinet is everything I had in mind for this vintage bakery dining area. It's glossy mahogany chipped wood, vintage wear and tear & super simple. I filled it with gold rimmed dishes, cake dishware, crock cookware, mason jars & more. 

The sign was just what I was looking for...Everything an old fashioned bakery would have.  The plate wall isn't finished { I broke a holder } so one plate is off centered but I love the simplicity & I get to display my plate collections. I'll be adding something else to this wall too..& of course I'll blog it all together.

Like I mentioned above..the plates will be changed once I fix the broken hooks, but for now I wanted to share the process of this makeover. I love my collections, my sentimental pieces like the rolling pins from my great Poppy, white restaurant apron from my papa & vintage treasures Mark has collected for me. I hope you love this piece & goods.

Happy Monday!!