Monday, April 15, 2019

{ Cozy Cottage Easter Mantel Styled Two Ways }

Happy Tuesday, pals!! Well, today is the big day..I see my new primary doctor! To say I'm nervous is an understatement but I'm ready to get answers too. I had not planned on doing any Easter decor this year but then I found the cutest mugs @homegoods & couldn't resist! The mugs were super affordable & just simple + neutral enough to use on the mantel in the living room. They're just decorative mugs, so they were perfect in this space! I also did something a bit different for you guys & style the mantel TWO WAYS, because I couldn't decide which I loved more!!! So, bonus double posts for you guys...I really hope you enjoy this!! See full post below..

-F i r s t  W a y


So, for both display stylings I used the same decor on the mantel other than moving the lamps & candlesticks. I loved the simplicity yet festive feel I came up with. Nothing extravagant but still cozy. Mugs, carrots, greenery & some vintage pieces of course.


This way { the 1st } I set a crock with old wood spindles in front of the fireplace screen. I also added some green & cream check pillows for warmth & texture!


This style is more bold & a little less spring-ish!! The darker tones etc.. 

- S e c o n d  W a y


This way adds light & bright charm. The light textured basket, springy greenery & cozy neutral floor pillows!!



I know I'll be asked which my favorite style was, but honestly with just the minimal changes, I LOVE both. This is one of the reasons I shared both...I'm super indecisive & have a hard time making a decision in fear of the wrong one. Fortunately, with decor you can play & change things to your liking without huge consequences most of the time haha.

I hope you guys loved this different kind of post. How do you like the " two for one" post ideas?! I think it's a nice twist on being tied to one look in each post!!