Wednesday, December 2, 2015

{ Our Lower Level Lodge Inspired Christmas }

This week is flying by guys!! Thursday already..not sure what we're doing this weekend, but hoping for some decent weather so I can paint a new piece { more on that later }! Today was one of those days where it was something all day & some not so good things happening around the country, in our city etc..Sometimes superficial or simple things like Christmas decor are the only things that can shed some light on horrible things happening..Today I'm sharing our lower level & the simple lodge Christmas I put together. Unlike much of our upstairs that is splashed with bold colors, I kept the lower level simple, & natural. It's so soothing & comforting to sit down here with my husband and watch Christmas movies, sip hot chocolate or an ice cold Coke hehe. It's our little bubble away from the world you could say...All I can say though is that our hearts were heavy today for some tragic events both with humans and animals. Sit back and join me for some simple cheer around our lower level while we count our simple blessings. P.S. can you believe that I totally switched our lower level to neutral & splashed our upstairs with color..I told you I had some big changes happening for Christmas hehe!

These first few pictures I took are with the lights not on..I actually love the tree this year with them on or off..The feel could go either way. I'm loving this woodland look!  I got the black & white plaid ribbon on sale +Michaels Stores  & the chalkboard tags I reused from an old banner from +Target . The bulbs are from +IKEA USA !

Both the wood slices & metal fireplace bucket were free finds!  I love this little bucket, it was one of our first junkin finds!

I'm looking at these lanterns & just realized I forgot to add the greenery I had for them...You win some & lose some...ahh :( . Anyways the lanterns are from +Kohl's  they were $140 a piece & I got them both for  around $40!!!! They're one of my favorite things about  this  space!!

Adding candles to  a tray is instant & simple decor. This tray is vintage & one of my husband's pride possessions..& I may have left it outside in the rain one time.....eek! 

I kept the tree simple & actually didn't put any of our personal ornaments out this year..kinda makes me sad but wow was it a lot easier. Blogging basically the whole house is a lot of work, not to mention we have like 1000000000 Christmas tubs in our storage room!! If you follow me via Instagram -->My IG  you would know I posted a picture with the cutest cream & sparkly " Merry Christmas" banner from +PotteryBarn .  ..Ya, as soon as I seen that 10 other trees had the same banner that was history!! I know in this blogland business that you're going to encounter someone with the same thing as you sometime or another, but I try to stay clear of that. I see alll the time via my social media one blogger gets something & 50 follow..I get that this business is for inspiration, but I just am not that way. So I took the banner down & kept my tree simple.I know everyone is into the rocking horse/ ski theme too..Ya, I obviously skipped that too { I did the ski / plaid theme last year} .  I'm not being snarky either, but I pride myself on being authentic & practical. BTW alll the lovely bloggers  holiday home tours have been STUNNING!!

I mentioned this before but our whole lower level is sprinkled in rustic moose goods. It was my husband's nickname in high school & technically this is his man-cave hehe. I actually randomly loveee moosies  too so I incorporated them into the theme. This guy was a free find..isn't he cute?! The chippy green chair, vintage tobacco canister & leather belle strap are all free finds!!

I opted to not have traditional wrapped gifts this year, but instead used these cute boxes for now ;). Of course I put all our fur babies names on them haha! The skates were also a free find!! Fun little fact my great gramps ice skated up until he was almost 80 & my mom still has his old skates like these ones..Me, I can't ice skate to save my life ha.

So cozy!!

Hope you all enjoyed our little switch up with decor this year! I'm actually really liking the lower level being so neutral, although I could never deal with the upper level so colorful, but who knows haha!

Have a lovely & safe weekend! 

Another P.S..... haha I'm always forgetting something..but  I've got some other exciting news coming to the blog for you guys..I'll be sharing where we're selling furniture & junkin goods at soon !!!  Stick around for our full Holiday Home Tour Friday or Monday too! As always THANK YOU for stopping by my little practical blog.