Tuesday, June 16, 2015

{ Vintage Inspired 4th of July Mantel Using Free Finds!! }

Hey guys!! It feels like it's been like foreverrr since I blogged, which is only less then a week ha-ha. I miss you all!! Well today I'm sharing our little vintage inspired mantel using  FREE FINDS!! I'm not one usually to decorate for the 4th ,but this year I had some free goodies hanging around in the garage that screamed 4th of July! I literally ran outside in my plaids in the rain & grabbed everything in our pile of junk that looked vintage/4th-ish { I bet the neighbors enjoyed seeing that ha-ha}!

This little white { was cherry colored at one point } fireplace has been through it all &  you know what ? I still LOVE decorating it ! It's simple kinda like me! It's perfect for toasty fall nights & decorating!! Anyways back to some mantel decor  ;) !

Although the mantel is composed of mostly junk or vintage "treasures" I had to throw some sparkly sticks in the mix!! I mean what's 4th of July without some sparkly goodness :)))!

Side Note: The sparkle sticks are from +Michaels Stores  a few years back. The green branches were a thrift!

The flag tray/picture is actually a piece from 9/11 that my lovely hubby found!  I loved it so much I wanted to use it on the mantel!! I love the rustic flag & the wood frame! The rusted wire basket      { I'm wire basket obsessed} is a free find as well as the door knob! I love the mix of items, it reminds me of almost colonial type decor! 

It was such luck that I had red & blue pots sitting amongst our pile of junk ,I mean treasures in the garage! 

Other then the gorgeous flag, my favorite piece is this adorable rusted ole lantern!! We have a few in different colors, but the black fit  I thought! 

See what a pile of junk can create? I seriously spent ZERO on this mantel & zero to me means amazingness! I hope you enjoyed this little mantel of ours! I'll be back soon with the rest of our 4th decor & a super cute DIY you don't want to miss!!

Happy Wednesday!!