Tuesday, July 30, 2019

{ Cozy Multidimensional Coffee Table }

Like the ongoing theme of  this summer this week is flyingggg by!! Wednesday already.. Today's post is a little different but in the best way! After switching out the fireplace in yesterday's post { scroll back one post} I was left with this fireplace box! You see Mark junked this box from a neighbor years ago & we've always had it on top of our tiny cottage fireplace..Well fast forward we don't need it now with the bigger fireplace! I've always loved the detailing, storage & wanted to have it on display!  I set it on our chunky wood coffee table & never thought anything about it...After the painting on the new fireplace was done, I went to grab it to store in my decor room but stopped... I LOVED it on the coffee table! It added fresh white, height & that cottagey cozy vibe + storage!! Well, I decided to style it quickly & share today for you guys!!!! Come see more below..


I love how much height it adds to the room & breaks the sold wood up!! The layering adds that extra cozy factor..It's also great because we still have plenty of room!


The simple white down pillows on the sofa, vintage toolbox & faux plants complete this space! 


Mixing in vintage warm wood furniture pieces has been  my favorite!! I wouldn't call my style farmhouse but more • vintage cottage cabin• . I love that my style can be detected..branding almost if you will! Always be true to your style, not what's trendy!


I hope you loved this post!! I'm always trying to create new FRESH content + ideas with you guys...Putting yourself & ideas out in the world isn't easy, but can be so fun & rewarding!! I hope you like this multidimensional  coffee table idea/ look. 

Happy Wednesday!

{ Vintage Summer Sunflower Fireplace Makeover}

Happy Tuesday! I got a little sidetracked yesterday with some house projects, cleaning & business stuff, so no usual Monday post! Today, I'm back fresh with a new 3 in 1 type of post!! This past weekend was busy for us to say the least...lots of driving, niece time, new truck for Mark & of course thrifting / makeovers! Saturday after signing papers for Mark's new truck we decided to take a back road because of construction...Well on that route we came across a little road sale & I spotted a fireplace!! It had lots of damage to the bottom from vermin or water, but still worked & the nice  elderly man wanted to gift it to me for f r e e..I ended up donating $10 & off we went!! Fast forward to Sunday..I had a sponsorship due with my favorite company HomeGoods!! I grabbed a few new items & started painting the fireplace as soon as I got home... This makeover DIY was my inspiration for the goods I picked up!!  Although I loved our tiny white fireplace, I wanted a bigger sturdier clean lined one for the living room!!  Come see more below....


Some of the items I picked out at HomeGoods!! I swear they never let me down with their selection of decor. Everything from modern to glam & authentic vintage mixed in!


While shopping I had this fireplace in mind!! I wanted fresh vintage late summer vibes...


The main item was this rustic sunflower print!! I spotted it & grabbed it right away..It was the only one & it had everything I was looking for to go with the new white fireplace makeover! Plus, my dad loves sunflowers, so it definitely was coming home with me!! I love the deep yellow & orange for summer♡. 


The cozy green & cream side chairs couldn't be more perfect with this sunflower mantel!
I picked up the • magazine• basket last minute by accident actually... I moved the cart to the basket isle for pictures & picked this basket up as it was falling...Turned it around & I had to have it!! Cute, practical & I love the texture/ black rope lettering. I threw some of my favorite new long stem greens from HomeGoods in it with my go-to home magazines...



I'll be blogging our coffee table soon in here too. It feels so much cleaner & cozier in here!!


Something about sunflowers that are so bright & cheery and always remind me of summer days!!

What do you guys love best about this makeover/DIY?
• What do you love to decorate your mantel with for summer?

Happy Tuesday!

• I worked with HomeGoods for some of the items. All opinions are entirely my own.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

{ Thrifty Porch Potting Bench }

This is something I've always wanted to have on my porch out front of our home! I can remember my grandma always having cute sitting areas on her covered lodge style porch up on Lake Huron & cute little potting benches!! Now, I'm not saying I'll be using this A LOT haha, but for little plants here & there or the ones that make it around here ha...Still working on that green thumb pals!!  
Little backstory on this DIY homemade "potting bench" was that it was originally a hutch we had in our dining room for quite sometime! Well, this past week I decided to declutter the dining area & we replaced  the hutch with another diy stove shelf in it's place ...▪︎ See post: HERE
Anyways, I just set it out on our back patio that's in a state of transition right now & forgot about it..Today as I was walking in from a long morning I decided the front porch needed some new goods styled..which lead to this hutch being transformed back into a potting bench!!!! Little dreams for the win♡ ! Come see it styled & how it looks on our cozy little cottagey porch below....  


I love how fresh & clean it looks but still cozy with the potting goods & vintage terracottas!! The white wood flows nicely with the shutters, french white door, flower- boxes & white wood garage!! 



I used a lot of textures, vintage goods ,but also mixed lots of new like these copper gardening tools!! I also used old copper coffee canisters for plant pots!!


The fresh white mixed with our wood planked porch gives it that much more warmth!! This porch will be getting fresh planks soon, so overdue!!!


One thing I also do before sticking with a new styled area is I like to take a big step back & see how it flows cohesively with everything else! The bigger the items the less clustery. I like to always have one big "statement" piece to work with!! 

•Side Note: I might paint this chippy mossy green? Thoughts?... Leave me suggestions in the comments!!

What do you guys think about this upcycle? I'm always trying to inspire you to add charm with simple touches with big impact! My whole blog is based on temporary cozy fixes, because renovations & huge money projects aren't always doable financially or time wise! 

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

{ Adding Summertime Charm in the Kitchen }

Hey Mondayyy & welcome back pals!! Hope your weekend was everything summer entails, ours was busy!! We looked at another property, vehicle shopped, enjoyed the cozy storms..even if they used our patio umbrella as a causality ha. With summer coming to its  prime here in Michigan, I wanted to share some recent barn finds styled in our little cottage kitchen!! Sitting here thinking this could be our last year  in a home I love is a bit emotional!! Anyways come see some vintage summery finds styled on our counters for the season!!


So little back story about these mini vintage strawberry mugs..I visited our local barn sale & spotted these! I was instantly drawn to them because they 're so bright but in a cute country vintage way. Just as I was about to put them back because they're so colorful my dear friend stepped in & said " Paige, you NEED those!" She was right...I decided not to let the red detour me but more embrace how old they really were+ cottagey. Truth be told they remind me of my pappa & grams home in northern Michigan where we used to go strawberry hunting each summer at the local farm!

I added the chippy strawberry print & vibrant apples paired with the fresh Baby's breath from my mom's garden for a fresh summer feel! 



.Bold natural colors
. Fruits displayed
. Veggie/ Fruit prints
.Garden bouquets
. Everyday items- mugs, plates, vintage goodies
. Canning items
. Picking baskets



The butter dish also has a story, but I'll just say my mom has ESPN & the studded antique milk glass is stunning! 
• The milky white masons are vintage replicas from @marshalls 


After a long few days, I needed this happy charming fresh space! It's been a very stressful year with health, property hunting & business stuff. ..but some much needed rainy downtime was what I needed!


This isn't the stove of my dreams 
{ Hallman ♡} but I dressed it up a bit with a stove cover, easy silverware caddy & some milk bottles { obviously remove before cooking}. 

I really hope you enjoyed this cheery summer spot in our home!!
 • Are there any special items you like to display in the summertime? Let me know in the comments!


Thursday, July 18, 2019

{ Easy No Hassle Window Flower boxes! }

Whoa what a week it has been around here... From new vehicle shopping to viewing houses & everything annoying in between ha! Like do you ever wonder why everything has so many steps? I know I do & it can get quite confusing + overwhelming!! One thing I like to share here on my blog are quick projects, diy & little "refreshers" for the average everyday home/ household! Today I'm quickly sharing some phone pics { sorry for the quality} of our NO HASSLE summer flower boxes... Keep reading below to see what I mean!


S U P P L I E S:

  • Flower box { ours are from Home Depot}
  • Dirt
  • Planter pots { I used Terracotta}
  • Faux greenery plants or real { faux from Ikea}


D I R E C T I O N S:

Simply fill your Flower boxes with dirt about half way! You can place a flat board on top of the soil so the planters all are level { I didn't}. I like the imperfect rustic cottage look! Place the planters on top of the dirt/ wood & fill with faux plants or real if you prefer! 

This gives the flowerboxes a full look without the hassle of digging, planting etc..  The planters are easily able to be changed out for the seasons or when you want a different look! 

• Side Note:    Ours have a piece of scrap wood under them for level & height on our window ledge!


Simple greenery & terracotta can add so much charm to any home! I chose terracotta because they're summery & cottagey! I got these vintage aged ones while junkin for 10 cents a piece!! The longer box I used three terracotta planters 1 large two small. The other window I used 3 small terracottas!


I recently sprayed the boxes chippy white wood to match our shutters & antique white bench under the picture window!! I love them paired with the red brick! Classic cottage!!

* I spy a puppy snooper ha^
Do you guys have flowers boxes? I leave ours out all year..I can't wait for Christmas this year.. if we're still in this house!! Let me know what you think about this easy no hassle way of having window flowerboxes!!

Happy Friday!