Tuesday, July 23, 2019

{ Thrifty Porch Potting Bench }

This is something I've always wanted to have on my porch out front of our home! I can remember my grandma always having cute sitting areas on her covered lodge style porch up on Lake Huron & cute little potting benches!! Now, I'm not saying I'll be using this A LOT haha, but for little plants here & there or the ones that make it around here ha...Still working on that green thumb pals!!  
Little backstory on this DIY homemade "potting bench" was that it was originally a hutch we had in our dining room for quite sometime! Well, this past week I decided to declutter the dining area & we replaced  the hutch with another diy stove shelf in it's place ...▪︎ See post: HERE
Anyways, I just set it out on our back patio that's in a state of transition right now & forgot about it..Today as I was walking in from a long morning I decided the front porch needed some new goods styled..which lead to this hutch being transformed back into a potting bench!!!! Little dreams for the win♡ ! Come see it styled & how it looks on our cozy little cottagey porch below....  


I love how fresh & clean it looks but still cozy with the potting goods & vintage terracottas!! The white wood flows nicely with the shutters, french white door, flower- boxes & white wood garage!! 



I used a lot of textures, vintage goods ,but also mixed lots of new like these copper gardening tools!! I also used old copper coffee canisters for plant pots!!


The fresh white mixed with our wood planked porch gives it that much more warmth!! This porch will be getting fresh planks soon, so overdue!!!


One thing I also do before sticking with a new styled area is I like to take a big step back & see how it flows cohesively with everything else! The bigger the items the less clustery. I like to always have one big "statement" piece to work with!! 

•Side Note: I might paint this chippy mossy green? Thoughts?... Leave me suggestions in the comments!!

What do you guys think about this upcycle? I'm always trying to inspire you to add charm with simple touches with big impact! My whole blog is based on temporary cozy fixes, because renovations & huge money projects aren't always doable financially or time wise! 

Happy Wednesday!

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