Tuesday, July 30, 2019

{ Vintage Summer Sunflower Fireplace Makeover}

Happy Tuesday! I got a little sidetracked yesterday with some house projects, cleaning & business stuff, so no usual Monday post! Today, I'm back fresh with a new 3 in 1 type of post!! This past weekend was busy for us to say the least...lots of driving, niece time, new truck for Mark & of course thrifting / makeovers! Saturday after signing papers for Mark's new truck we decided to take a back road because of construction...Well on that route we came across a little road sale & I spotted a fireplace!! It had lots of damage to the bottom from vermin or water, but still worked & the nice  elderly man wanted to gift it to me for f r e e..I ended up donating $10 & off we went!! Fast forward to Sunday..I had a sponsorship due with my favorite company HomeGoods!! I grabbed a few new items & started painting the fireplace as soon as I got home... This makeover DIY was my inspiration for the goods I picked up!!  Although I loved our tiny white fireplace, I wanted a bigger sturdier clean lined one for the living room!!  Come see more below....


Some of the items I picked out at HomeGoods!! I swear they never let me down with their selection of decor. Everything from modern to glam & authentic vintage mixed in!


While shopping I had this fireplace in mind!! I wanted fresh vintage late summer vibes...


The main item was this rustic sunflower print!! I spotted it & grabbed it right away..It was the only one & it had everything I was looking for to go with the new white fireplace makeover! Plus, my dad loves sunflowers, so it definitely was coming home with me!! I love the deep yellow & orange for summer♡. 


The cozy green & cream side chairs couldn't be more perfect with this sunflower mantel!
I picked up the • magazine• basket last minute by accident actually... I moved the cart to the basket isle for pictures & picked this basket up as it was falling...Turned it around & I had to have it!! Cute, practical & I love the texture/ black rope lettering. I threw some of my favorite new long stem greens from HomeGoods in it with my go-to home magazines...



I'll be blogging our coffee table soon in here too. It feels so much cleaner & cozier in here!!


Something about sunflowers that are so bright & cheery and always remind me of summer days!!

What do you guys love best about this makeover/DIY?
• What do you love to decorate your mantel with for summer?

Happy Tuesday!

• I worked with HomeGoods for some of the items. All opinions are entirely my own.

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