Wednesday, December 30, 2015

{ Life in a Split Second..}

Hi guys. First I hope you all are having a great week & almost start to the New Year!! Secondly, this is going to be a long & emotion filled post, so I'm sorry it's not decor or DIY related. You guys know this blog is not only my business, but an outlet for me to inspire/share important things & something I truly enjoy. Okay, Monday @ 12:30 p.m it's sleeting & the roads are pure black ice.. You get that unknown number that has called twice already & then incomes a text saying " Call me it's about Mark".. Yeah, that's the call/text no wife wants to get when their husband is at work!! I called back & in a split second my heart dropped to my feet. The mumbled words--- " Marks been in a roller-over accident on the highway & is pinned with the truck on him ..Literally I feel sick just typing this! Screaming & in a panic I yell "WHAT? OH MY GOD GET HIM OUT OF THERE"!!! Fearing other traffic & a fire I LOST IT..The next two hours all I wanted was my husband HOME! Thankfully my mom & gram were home and rushed to assist us ANY way possible. Three hrs later after the accident he was ALIVE & HOME! We're so thankful for the firefighters, his work members{ especially Jordan} for acting so quickly & everyone being safe. Though we have many papers to file,and his new work truck is mangled- HE IS HERE WITH ME! He says to me as I'm bathing him { he was covered in mud/sore from having the truck roll on him}.."I actually was comfortable for a few minutes, then I just was getting annoyed!" Hahah only my husband would say that..I was shocked because he hates little spaces! I swear he could shine light on anything.

For all of you who read my blog & know me personally, you guys know how over protective I am of my Sparky Markie ha! Believe me I have good reason..this accident was almost 10 years to the day of his last car accident that was life threatening.. He was pinned in the car, jaws of life saved him , and he lost his spleen, lacerated his liver, broken shoulder/clavicle &  ruptured 2 vertebrate{ not at fault in either accident} !! I have EVERY reason to be "that" overprotective wife..then this. I'm one who totally believes in higher powers, etc.. & the one day I don't text be safe{ he drives all over the state for work } & safe travels this happens..I told him I'm going to be stuck to him like glue & honestly I have been..even trying to get him to stay home from work tomorrow again.

My husband is my light in every way possible. My world, my family, my life, my outlook..nothing would be the same without him. Thankfully his late mom & our other guardian angels above shielded him to safety Monday. He's the kind of person who takes obstacle after obstacle & stomps each one out gracefully & this is just another obstacle in our blessed life. I swear my husband has 9 lives...In his short 28 years he's encountered & been through so much, but STILL smiles 24/7 , shines light & perspective on everything ,and always with his hardworking,  humbling, genuine & comforting nature . If more people were like him this would be a wonderful wonderful world. Ask family or friends & they will tell you the same + some!

Perspective on the simplest of things to the biggest things in life can change in a heartbeat..I mean do the little things really matter when you're rolling in your vehicle wondering if you're ever going back home? Having that person who means more then life  is what really matters, because what would life be without that special person?..Life would be NOTHING. People work their whole life to find that special soulmate to share moments in life that mean so much with..So without them it's pointless. Enjoy pleasures in life & what makes you happy by all means, but enjoy the person who makes those things the happiest your number 1 priority! 
P.S. Sorry for the jumbled writing etc..I'm frazzled!

***Thanks for reading guys, and THANK YOU for all the calls, texts, comments & well wishes via all social media etc.. The comfort from you  all means a lot, because as my family says " Our Markie is our whole family & more "!

Life with you is beautiful in every way possible!
This picture was taken on one of our summer country adventures..simple pleasures.

That face is my light in life... I love you.

Snuggling two of the more then 10 fur babies he's saved .. That's my family & heart right  here. 

--> I'll be back soon with some new pieces in our upper level etc..  I hope you all have a safe & happy NYE & DAY!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

{ Our Vintage Cabin Styled Christmas Eve Dining Room! }

Happy almost Christmas guys!! I've been busy cleaning and getting ready for Christmas for days now and I'm still putting the finishing touches on everything for our guest coming!! While in the process of decorating and getting the dining room together we switched out the kitchen table randomly Saturday afternoon { typical of us } ;) ! We went up to the shop to price some of our items, look around & well we ended up bring two new pieces in to sale, one being our dining room table! I loved that table,but was sooo ready for a new look! I wanted a cozy, rich, & vintage cabin look for our Christmas Eve dinner & I then remembered we had a spare table in our shop/garage! I know crazy..we've just got a table laying around to switch out on a moments notice hahaha..all true though. We switch/sell stuff out so frequently we have extras of almost everything..Anyways my hubby picked this table a few weeks back & I really paid no attention to it until we decided to sell our kitchen table haha..I looked at it & instantly got this cabin idea into my head...I love the warm & dark tones of the wood ,and for winter /Christmas it will be perfect for our little rustic & vintage cabin look!! It's got many imperfections, but I love the cute little chairs, legs & paint splats { I'll be custom painting it after the holidays, STAY TUNED!! } ! Well,  my finger is killing from typing { another chemical burn, #diy-erproblems } & so I'm just going to let you guys see it!!!

I just added some dark red chargers & classic candy canes for some layers!

When I paint this set after the holidays I'll be keeping majority of the chairs this natural wood! The white seat cushions are from +H&M  as well as the tablecloth!

I love this little corner!! I picked up that pillow on clearance +Kmart  for under $10 yesterday!!

It's so warm & cozy!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post before Christmas!! You can see my other two Christmas styled tables here ---> Rustic & Retro Christmas Dining Room   & Thrifty Tree Skirt Centerpiece ! Be sure to check out our new adventure selling our treasured goods at the cutest & most CHARITABLE shop ever here --> Angels, Saints & Stuff 

I hope you all have a lovely happy & healthy Chistmas with loved ones! Know that whatever you may be struggling with this holiday , you'll all be in our hearts & thoughts!!  Thank you ALL for making this year so awesome for us, I TRULY appreciate it & hope to be able to give even more back this new year xo!! 

M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S !


Friday, December 18, 2015

{ 5 Ways To Pot Your Christmas Tree This Year }

Heyyyy guys!! Geesh it seems like I've been gone for weeks, but it hasn't even been a week! In the blogging business/world that's like a year ahaha. We've been pretty busy around here & have just been trying to enjoy the holidays..I'm already feeling the "blues" coming on..You all know how I hate the "after the holiday feel "..Today was such a low key day, but some exciting news broke today & I cried..I'll be blogging all about the great news soon & why my mom is a hero!! Back to today's post though..I'm sharing 5 different ways you can pot your Christmas tree this year without looking at those  generic plastic green tree stands { no offense if you have one }!! I gathered 5 rustic/cottage/neutral ideas for real or faux trees!! I know there is only a few days before Christmas, but honestly I know a lot of people who don't pick up a tree until a few days before..Definitely NOT me hahah but that's me being Christmas crazy. Sit back with everything cozy Christmas & gather some inspiration for this Christmas or even next { Direct Link provided for each item} !! :) 

1.  Wood Tub

I love this idea for starters! It's super cute & rustic, and you can find these just about anywhere! I like the wood with the mixed in metal band for some added industrial style. You could easily use a plastic tree stand for real trees & for faux trees just use the regular stand & set it in the tub! This wood tub can be purchased at

2. Galvanized Metal Bucket

You guys all know how I love my buckets!! This year I used several vintage galvanized buckets for our trees inside & out!! I would again place a plastic green tree stand inside the bucket if you're planning on a real tree & if you're planning on a faux one then the stand it comes with & just place it inside the bucket. Make sure to measure first!! This galvanized bucket can be purchased at  

3. Crocks 

These crocks are my favorite!! I've got almost 15 I've collected for free & I'm kind of hoarding them haha! I know they can be hard to find if you're not into the thrifting/junking, but today I'm sharing where you can get one from! They make excellent tree stands & they give that classic cottagey feel! I used some in our outside decor & they look sooo cute! You can find this crock at  

4. Burlap Sacks

I'm not crazy...I promise haha. Yes, the burlap sack is actually super cute as a tree stand decoration! This decor idea is more for faux trees. Use the stand the tree comes with & just place  it in the bag & tie the top!! I'm seriously obsessed with this & thinking I might do this next year..I love the rustic appeal & it's super easy & affordable! If the bag is to loose just use a blanket stuff the bag inside! These burlap sacks/bags can be found at 

5. Crates

This one has been pretty popular in the last few years, but I'm still in love with it! I love the look, simplicity & you can find crates just about anywhere. You could leave it natural, paint it, distress it and the crates can be used for real or faux Christmas trees.  This one can be found at  

I hope you liked these simple & different ideas for your tree stand!! I mean those plastic green ones have to go, right?! ;) We'll be busy this weekend preparing for Christmas Eve dinner , taking a few things to the shop etc..I hope you all have a happy & healthy weekend filled with Christmas cheer with loved ones! 

P.S. Which one of these do you like the best? What kind of stands do you use? You guys know I love to hear from you!!! Leave me a comment down below & don't forget to follow via all my social media for instant updates on basically everything !

***View our Holiday Home Tour --->  2015 Classic Country Christmas Tour for some of these ideas put into place! 


Sunday, December 13, 2015

{ Selling Our Treasures While Helping Great Causes!!! }

Hey everyone! Okay, I'm SUPER EXCITED to share this post with you guys!! I mentioned via last Friday's post--> Rustic Holiday Porch that I had some exciting news, and I do..we're officially selling our goods at a local shop - Angels, Saints & Stuff - !!!! This has been a little dream of ours for quite sometime & I can't believe it's actually happening...I mean obviously our long term goal will be to have a little vintage shop of our own once we move further north, but until we find a house that way we  thought why not purge some "treasures" while we can?! I'm constantly switching things out so this is perfect. I'll give you a little back info on how this all literally just fell into place a few weeks back..So I've mentioned before, but my mom's whole side of the family is into the junkin, furniture, painting etc..Well, my mom & gram were out one day & spotted this cute new shop , peeked in & bought a few things { no surprise }!! They got to talking to the owner & within a few hours she was in our little garage shop picking what she wanted for the store!! Mind you this was all happening while I was out, so when I got home & my hubby told me what was going on, I was pretty excited!! Last Wednesday I took  another jeep load up to her & priced, photographed & styled a few things..I mean it's the CUTEST shop & the owner Cathy is SO SWEET! Okay that's all exciting , but you  know what the BEST part is..HALF of our profits go directly to CHARITY!!! When I heard that I almost cried..My parents taught us from a young age about diversity/ charity & it's been a big part of our life together as a couple as well. I remember my mom telling me, " Your dad has us signed up for every charity that knocks at our door "..heheh! We aren't wealthy, but we give what we can to many different charities on the regular & it's the best feeling.  I still have one particular event that sticks out in my head that I'll never forget...long story short, we pulled off on the side of the road & grabbed groceries out of  our trunk one late night & my husband gave his shoes off his feet to an older mentally challenged man wearing a single shoe trying to get to a shelter in the city. Like I said, any amount helps, but to be able to sell our goods we aren't using anymore, & half of our profit goes to charities for the mentally handicapped, local artist, missions etc.....AMAZING right?!! I snapped a few photographs & provided a direct link to visit the shops website for all social media outlets below!! P.S. sorry about rambling :/!

When you enter you're greeted by a fresh & bright space filled with many treasures!!

When you walk in the door directly to your right is a bulletin with the all charities that the profits are donated to!

I really hope you guys take a peek at some goods!! Everything is priced so fair, if not under priced. Our goods have our cards posted with each item, but don't stop there..So many other lovely items to see!

The shop also offers painted goods,artistic pieces and even some delicious baked goods!! 

The lovely owner Cathy Dillon is surely living by these words. 

I spotted this desk when I was in there doing a few things & I pretty much fell in love...You know I'll be shopping in there too. My gram is already one of her best customers ;) ! 

This buffet piece & the gorgeous dishes are another fav of mine..I just love the black & white with the brass hardware on the dishes!! 

*** To come see more of these unique & charitable goods visit the shops website for all the social media outlets, directions etc.. ---> Angels, Saints & Stuff

Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog everyone! Have a lovely week!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

{ Our Rustic Cottage Inspired Holiday Porch }

Happy Friday everyone!!! Today { Thursday } was such an awesome day filled with something I truly love doing & being inspired by!! I literally can not wait to share some really exciting news with you guys in Monday's post..I know "How dare I do that to you guys" hehe. Sorry I can't tell you just yet, but Monday will be ALL about what's been going on & the start of something pretty fun & exciting, and the start of something we've been wanting to do for the last 3-5 yrs. Anyways stick around for the post..but today I'm sharing our super simple holiday porch!! It's the last stop for our holiday decor  { See our full holiday home tour --> 2015 Holiday Home Tour & I'm pretty excited to share it with you guys!!

NOTE: I know the pictures are mixed together, I usually leave the porch simple up until a few days before Christmas. I added some bright red  poinsettias a few days ago to welcome our soon-to-be guest! Enjoy!!!

I'm in love with our fresh new black door with our porch decor  this year!! Painting that door for under $30 was the best decision hah --> Front Door Makeover! The rustic wood trim with this cute little sign from +Big Lots  look so nice paired together!

I spotted this welcome mat at +Kohl's  and  had to have it. It was on sale for under $15 & for an outside mat I couldn't pass that price up!! It's different & not like everyone's oh so popular car /Christmas tree themed ones..which I love,but you know I try & stay away from the "it" goods. 

Okay, FIRST year ever that we store bought outside Christmas decorations & I actually love this little simple & rustic set that  my HUBBY picked out!! I'm usually not into generic outside decor, but this was perfect for the look I was trying achieve & the set was only $85 +Big Lots .

How cute is that tree? The larger one is also from +Big Lots  & we got it for $10!!!!! I know steal right?! It was the last one { floor display }, pre-lit  & 4ft..SOLD!!

This bench is one of the projects that seriously is in my top 10 fav. I just love this bench my dad picked up junkin in the north.  It's rustic charm is so appealing with the faux presents & simple crock/buckets!! The full makeover if you're interested  --> Rustic Bench Makeover

I mean simple, festive & thrifty..Seems perfect for my little cottage loving self haha. P.S. how cute is that little red splatter of paint on the old galvanized bucket? It was there when we picked it & I had to turn it to show it off ..more imperfections the better, right?!

I will say too, this reindeer & sleigh set at first was pretty scary.. in pieces & didn't seem like it was going to hold up, let alone stand up..but it's been super windy here & it's held up SO WELL with just the little ground spikes it came with. I promise this isn't a sponsored post for Big Lots either!! ;)

I really hope you guys liked this little porch of ours. It's so simple & I love that with literally 4 different things it fell into place. I actually just sat those crocks there after hand washing them & then loved them with the buckets..I swear it's the projects that you don't sink hours into that come together so nicely. Have a lovely weekend everyone..We're off to enjoy some of our Christmas traditions, see ya back Monday for the news!!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has viewed our 2015 Christmas Tour ---> Classic Country Chirstmas Tour '15..I never could've imagined that we would have that many people view it on my little blog in this huge blogland world! THANK YOU again x10!!