Tuesday, December 22, 2015

{ Our Vintage Cabin Styled Christmas Eve Dining Room! }

Happy almost Christmas guys!! I've been busy cleaning and getting ready for Christmas for days now and I'm still putting the finishing touches on everything for our guest coming!! While in the process of decorating and getting the dining room together we switched out the kitchen table randomly Saturday afternoon { typical of us } ;) ! We went up to the shop to price some of our items, look around & well we ended up bring two new pieces in to sale, one being our dining room table! I loved that table,but was sooo ready for a new look! I wanted a cozy, rich, & vintage cabin look for our Christmas Eve dinner & I then remembered we had a spare table in our shop/garage! I know crazy..we've just got a table laying around to switch out on a moments notice hahaha..all true though. We switch/sell stuff out so frequently we have extras of almost everything..Anyways my hubby picked this table a few weeks back & I really paid no attention to it until we decided to sell our kitchen table haha..I looked at it & instantly got this cabin idea into my head...I love the warm & dark tones of the wood ,and for winter /Christmas it will be perfect for our little rustic & vintage cabin look!! It's got many imperfections, but I love the cute little chairs, legs & paint splats { I'll be custom painting it after the holidays, STAY TUNED!! } ! Well,  my finger is killing from typing { another chemical burn, #diy-erproblems } & so I'm just going to let you guys see it!!!

I just added some dark red chargers & classic candy canes for some layers!

When I paint this set after the holidays I'll be keeping majority of the chairs this natural wood! The white seat cushions are from +H&M  as well as the tablecloth!

I love this little corner!! I picked up that pillow on clearance +Kmart  for under $10 yesterday!!

It's so warm & cozy!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post before Christmas!! You can see my other two Christmas styled tables here ---> Rustic & Retro Christmas Dining Room   & Thrifty Tree Skirt Centerpiece ! Be sure to check out our new adventure selling our treasured goods at the cutest & most CHARITABLE shop ever here --> Angels, Saints & Stuff 

I hope you all have a lovely happy & healthy Chistmas with loved ones! Know that whatever you may be struggling with this holiday , you'll all be in our hearts & thoughts!!  Thank you ALL for making this year so awesome for us, I TRULY appreciate it & hope to be able to give even more back this new year xo!! 

M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S !


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