Sunday, January 3, 2016

{ Simple Wintery Cottage Kitchen & Dining Room Decor with "Shuffled" goods!! }

Oh Monday heyyy! So the end of 2015 ended really rough, & the beginning of 2016 a lot is already happening in our little abode. I'm trying to keep busy until hopefully everything is in place..I seriously despise being in limbo & not having answers right away { See here's that impatient thing I'm working on..}. I promised myself I was going to try & stay patient more in 2016, so I'm TRYING! Anyways I've been staying inspired by getting rid of all the Christmas because it makes me sad that it's gone, soooo onto something cozy & fresh until winter is history!! Yup, I'm one of those people who love winter up until Christmas passes then I want winter to disappear haha! I've always had a hard time decorating after Christmas decor, because it's so bare/cold etc..For some reason that all changed this year. I had  random wintery stuff laying around & just popped it around the house. I love how some  simple, comfy & vintagey winter decor can make the house look until spring hits. Honestly I've been trying to keep my mind busy too with the blog, loving on my sweet husband & of course the  fur babies. We've been going through more than most should have to  & like anyone I get down too..I have to remind myself to snap out of it or it'll take us both down. We try to keep our spirits high, but sometimes you have to stop & wonder why things happen to people who literally strive daily for better in every aspect of life. Simply snuggling & praising the higher power for what we've been blessed with & not what has been taken or delivered to us unfairly AND untimely help comfort..Are love/strength as a couple isn't like many we know & for that I'm grateful beyond all { I owe everything to my lovely hubby}. Sit back & join me for some cozy winter decor & hopefully inspiration for the mind, body & soul!! 

I've said this so many times before, but I shuffle different decor around the house for different seasons, occasions etc.. Believe me I didn't think that was possible either until certain things worked like 5 different ways. The wreath is an example of a thrifty find { +IKEA USA  for $10 } & I've already used it in two different spots/blog post since December!! It's such a nice faux, but real looking wreath for cheap!! It worked for Christmas & now just some wintery decor!!

I wish I could remember where I purchased these silver jars at..I know they were super cheap though!! I remember them being under $5 a piece..! The rustic  burlap trees are from +Michaels Stores  .

The "joy" sign was a DIY!  Search my right side bar under - Popular Posts - for the simple tutorial!

So simple & warm. I love the silver, whites & neutral tones paired with the trees!! It screams winter, without being overbearing!

I love this simple tablescape!! It's so cozy & honestly cost nearly nothing to put together.. The candle-holders were all on sale & purchased at different time, the crock was a free find, pine cones free {bake them first for any germs etc.. } & the greenery I dismembered from something else I wasn't using!! It's simple, neutral & screams winter.

I have big plans for this table, hopefully I'll be getting to it soon..Can you guess what I'm doing to it???

Another example of some thrifty shopping & ways to impact a space..fabrics!! We took a little trip out to IKEA the day after Christmas for some sales & scored these wintery cottage check slipcovers for $9!! They were regular $30 I believe & I wanted them so glad I waited & just at the right time too. I love how they look with the classic wood cabin-ish chairs & the pops of chic silver pieces!!

The "milk" sign is from +HomeGoods  & the milky white mason jars are from +Marshalls

I hope you guys loved this after Christmas space! It's all stuff I had already minus the chair covers for under $20. Lets be honest constantly buying new vintage, cottage or farmhouse goods isn't practical for everyone & replicas from places like Target can add up! I wanted to show you ways of shuffling the same goods for use in different styles/occasions. Practicality always here on TQS.  Have a lovely rest of the week guys & thank you for popping in!!!


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